Interactive Signage

Topic to collect thoughts and feedback on what Interactive Signage should be available within Xibo.

Touch Screen Interaction

UPDATE: This will be developed in 3.0

Triggers and Actions can be set on Layouts and Widgets. Triggers define items that “do things” and Actions describe what happens.


Triggers attached to Widgets are click/touch. Triggers attached to Layouts are configured to respond to certain sources and codes. Sources can include, 3rd party HTML, HTTP at the Player, COM, etc.


At a high level Actions will support switching to a different Layout/Playlist/Widget, moving forwards and backwards in the Schedule and targeting to another Region where appropriate. This should enable support for:

  • Counter Module
  • Loading new items into a Region
  • Loading a new Playlist (#1) into a Region
  • Moving forwards and backwards in the Schedule
  • Loading an entire Layout
  • Resuming the interrupted Region / Layout from exactly where it was (mid video for example)

Trigger Draw

Each Layout will be given a “draw” to hold items that are used with Triggers and Actions. Items in the draw will be downloaded to the Player ahead of time, to facilitate fast offline playback. Layouts, Playlists and Widgets should be put in the draw.

Software Triggers (formerly Event Driven Actions)

Software Triggers are available in Xibo 1.8 onward. Please see the docs:

These require an active CMS connection to function.


My last implementation with 42" fullhd touch screen:

It’s always CMS- connected as an online website, but base on xibo. The real need is to work with a remote image of the web pages (html5,javascript). The limitations are the PHP requests from the client.

Would your use case have been fulfilled if you could define regions which loaded other regions / other layouts?

yes, it could. The important thing is the persistence of data without the internet connection.

Assuming interactive signage brought the capability to load other regions / layouts I think we would have that covered already (Xibo layouts are already playable offline - unless they refer to content we can’t download, like entire webpages or embedded html with external references). could help!

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As I understand it, xwalk is for building a complete APK from HTML5 sources. There is a lot going on behind the “presentation” layer in Xibo which makes this sort of deployment unsuitable.

Having a standard webview would be excellent though - if only there was a way to include xwalks webview and call that from native code WebView = new XWalkWebView() - unfortunately I don’t think there is.

Possible use case:

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Hey there, I’m new to xibo, and am using it for short period of time so I don’t really know it well. I wanted to know if there is any possible way to create interactive areas ?

What I mean by this is to script area to be able to interact on mouse click ( to enlarge or go to other area created on same project). To create small area with button on it to send me to other areas or something simmilar to this idea.

Anyone with same issue able to help me, please ?

What I’m trying to achieve is very simple. I want to make 4 or more different areas. If client is interested in a single content of a specific area - so he will be able to maximaze that area and after let’s say 20 seconds without any interaction script takes me back to the background with same 4 areas I started up with. It would be very nice if client would be able to get back once interacting with one of the areas to the “start screen” with 4 areas.

Or if there would be a way to link one area to another on specific part of the active area such as Picture-in-picutre or somehing like it. I hope my english isn’t as bad as I think it is and you get my point :smile:


PS: I believe this is what you ment Alex ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the suggestions - there isn’t any way to do that at the moment, but that is what this blueprint is for and it is very useful to have your use-case listed :smiley:

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Hope that you will make this possible in near future, thanks for update Dan and Alex … :smile:

I’m playing with the module and I see that there is hazardous weather alerts that come in sometimes. Using the presence of one of those alerts to switch to a different layout would be interesting. As I have ours laid out now, I have the weather module in the upper left corner on our current display. It would be nice to have an alert trigger a schedule change that would have the currently displayed regions resized and off to the sides so that the weather module would then be more prominent and I could add an embedded script that could add weather radar info to the display. I was also thinking of having it trigger playing audio from the NOAA weather service.

Do you guys think this would be doable?


Imagine the possibilities. Wouldn’t this solve the emergency signage idea? In addition to the existing security systems and the xibo api - we could add a “Evacuate” touch screen event, tied to a supported android camera to take a picture of whomever activated the alarm, and immediately switch Xibo to a emergency animated gif image showing people the way out of the building from their location. Or we could activate layout client functions of xibo based on motion via android camera feedback. Possibilities are eventually endless with sponsorship funds! :smile:


Both very good ideas and great additions to the topic. Our challenge is to put a system in place that allows those sorts of things to be easily bolted on :smile:

To summarise both those points:

  • Build an event listener for weather alerts in forecast IO
  • Build a touch button that links to a camera
  • Build an event listener for the camera
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I was think there must be another interactiveness

  1. When the device’s location change, it should change layout with respect of Geo coordinates.

Further requirements:

1.) Trigger a Layout/region from an app so we can show (Alarm) Messages
2.) Trigger a Layout/region from a SQL state (access to the DB) that Xibo shows a (Alarm) message

good morning,
I am new to Xibo.
my request of interactivity is:
a video always on by default.
When Touch displays a layout with buttons that link to facebook, youtube, and other page on the site.
someone can help us develop even paid?
sorry for the English are Italian .

We are developing this already - as fast as possible :smiley: donations are always welcome, but in this case we can’t guarantee that it will speed up development.

I moved a post to a new topic: Interactive Signage Extension - embedded webpages trigger changes to regions

Is there a plan in the upcoming version 1.8 to just allow simple webpage navigation?

My client wants to display a click-able webpage on a touch screen in certain periods of time, otherwise keep the contents passive. I’d just create a full-screen region with the webpage as usual, but would it allow to actually navigate with a touch screen within the region, when displayed on the client?

All this on the Android client?