Geolocation based scheduling

Geo-location scheduling:


  • Configure a service for receiving location updates at a pre-set interval.
  • Capture and store the best location.
  • Manage the schedule to include only Layouts valid within the current range.
  • Report the current location back to the CMS if possible.
  • Schedules that don’t have location data will be included in the rotation as usual.


  • Record Lat/Long/Range on Campaign/Layout assignments

See reasoned example below

Imagine that you have a set of different routes - lets say A and B, you also have a number of signage devices - lets call them Train 1 & 2. The routes are divided into areas, so that each area is defined by its lat/log/range. The trains will regularly switch routes.

Putting that into Xibo terms - I think the best approach would be:

  • Add a Display Group for all Devices on each Train
  • Add a Campaign for each Route
  • Add your Layouts to the Campaign
  • Schedule your Campaigns using the Scheduler

Now we need to work out where to set the geo-location - there are some options

  • On the Layout
  • On the Campaign/Layout Assignment
  • On the Schedule

Adding the geo-location to the Layout means that layouts have to be duplicated if they operate on more than one route - bad idea. Adding them to the schedule means that each time a train swaps route you would need to enter all the location information again - this is very flexible, but might be too much administration work.

If we chose to add the location information to the Campaign / Layout assignment it would mean that a Layout could be used in multiple locations and that scheduling the Route onto new trains was as simple as it is now. Basically keeping the schedule simple and doing the complicated work in the Campaign assignment.

##Initial Request

Conversation started here: Interactive Signage:



Is there any update on this feature request? The last update I can find about this is from July stating that it was being considered for the future.

Our use case includes mobile devices coming near a certain GPS location. In such cases, a location specific animation should be played once.


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