How to extract extra data fields from RSS?


I have RSS feed that has extra fields which are not part of standard subsutiations, It seems that xibo is able to extract more tags from RSS but I couldn’t make it works, pls help

Good question! There are a few “advanced” usages of Tickers that could do with mentioning and later including in a Guide and the manual.


In 1.7 CMS images can be referenced and cached in the CMS for offline playback on Players. This is done with the tag format [TAG|image]. Where TAG is the name of the tag in your feed that contains the image. MediaRSS specification states that this tag should be called Link, but linkfoto is common too.

Extra Data

Provided the feed compiles with the basic structure of RSS, it may also include extra data not present in the RSS specification. These are retrieved using their namespace and tag name, in the format [tagname|namespace]. It is also possible to pull attributes from the data returned using [tagname|namespace|attributename].

For example, a Google Calendar Feed has a “when” tag, which can be referenced by [when|].

If the provider of the feed has not taken the time to correctly record and make the namespace available, you can try referencing the tag in the global namespace - i.e. [|when]. This will not work if a namespace is provided with the feed.


That was great explaination, I used [tagname|] and made the job :heart_eyes:

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