Ticker RSS Feed extra field namespace how to use?

I’m trying to extract a data from my RSS feed using a namespace but it is not showing up in the Ticker. The topic How to extract extra data fields from RSS? is not helpful in my case since the person who answered assumed that we know everything about RSS/XML and Xibo. Can anyone please explain how Xibo uses RSS feed namespace, attribute, tag in the space where we can modify the ticker template? For example my RSS feed xml looks like this:

  <title>Xibo demo for staff</tile>
  <description>Staff demo of what Xibo can do</description>
  <ems:room>Room 232</ems:room>
  <ems:location>2nd Floor Smith Bldg.</ems:location>
  <ems:date>June 17, 2015</ems:date>

In the ticker template, I would like to be able to include information like room, date, and location aside from the title. How do I go about it? Do I do this?

[Title] @ [ems:room] at [ems:location] on [ems:date]

I am expecting to get this result:

Xibo demo for staff @ Room 232 at 2nd Floor Smith Bldg on June 17, 2015

How do I include the [namespace] as defined in the feed? It’s because when I tested it, the ticker simply ignore anything I added after the [Title].

If I may suggest in the later version, why not extract all available extra fields in the feed and make it available for the user to double click in the Editor.



Sorry but XML namespaces are a bit of an advanced topic :smile:

Basically, if your RSS feed is “valid” it should include some namespace information which helps programs pull out the tag information from the feed - yours does not, which means everything is collected together in one big bucket of tags.

To cut to the chase… the below should work

[Title] @ [|ems:room] at [|ems:location] on [|ems:date]

That is a fine idea!

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