Nested image in rss feed

Hello, I tried following this thread: How to extract extra data fields from RSS?

to get the bing image of the day to show. I think the issue is that there are 2 link tags, so the first one does not contain an image.

Does anyone know the proper notation to access the nested link tag? Here is the rss feed:

It’s not a proper MediaRSS feed, so you won’t be able to have Xibo download the image for you etc.

If the “Link” node in the XML contained a full URL to the image then it would be possible just using [Link|image] to extract the photo. Unfortunately it only contains a relative URL.

What you can do is have the Player load the image direct from Bing each time, bypassing the CMS, which will be less reliable.

To do so, you’d override the template, click on “Source” to bring up the raw HTML editor, and enter the following:

awesome, thank you Alex