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Im trying to follow this How to extract extra data fields from RSS? or this Ticker RSS Feed extra field namespace how to use?

This is part of my rss, who is public so no prob and no need to strip it!

<rss version="2.0">
<channel xmlns:image="http://www.torreviejaip.tv/imgnotis/">
Actualidad local de Torrevieja - Viernes, 26 de Febrero de 2016
La contratación de un nuevo asesor de alcaldía eleva el tono del debate político en pleno
 La sesi&oacute;n plenaria m&aacute;s larga del actual mandato municipal se celebr&oacute; en la tarde noche de ayer, donde una de las cuestiones que gener&oacute; m&aacute;s debate, ya en la parte final del pleno, fue la propuesta registrada por el alcalde para la contrataci&oacute;n de un asesor de planificaci&oacute;n econ&oacute;mica y financiera.</p>

Im trying with [|image:foto], [image|foto], [|foto] and a lot more of possibilities and no way to show the photo in the ticker.

What Im doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Im using 1.7.6


hmm, so:
RSS URL - http://www.torreviejaip.tv/rss/
you can use [Link|image] to display images
the same images are also in description so [Description] will also display images (and actual description)

The built-in templates like ‘image overlaid with the title’ should also work just fine.

Thats the normal RSS. Yes, the picture comes with the text, for that im using http://www.torreviejaip.tv/telerevista2.php to generate a special RSS for xibo only.

I Need the title, text and pic in 3 different tags so I can “format” it.

Is there a way to do the same with the text? I mean, I need the image and text in different positions, so like [Link|image] will only display the image, how can I do to only display the text?

just [Title] and [Description] (from substitutes) should work

Title is OK, only shows the Title but description shows both, image and description and I need to separate them so I can format the display as what we want.

My english is not perfect, dont know if im saying it correctly.

From the ‘normal’ RSS feed, yes description also has images, but if you’d use your special rss feed ie: http://www.torreviejaip.tv/telerevista2.php

then description there has only text

Yeah, but if I set the description without the image, I cant use [Link|image]. Well, I can use it, but no image is showed

Probably because of this, please have a look:

I’ve made a new one, http://www.torreviejaip.tv/telerevista4.php

I have the image in the media namespace with tag content.

I’ve tried with [media|content] [media:content] [|media:content] [content|media] and no way to show only the photo :cry:

with this feed [Link|image] should work just fine

Source code for text editor:


<p style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size:48px; color:#ffffff;">[Title] --- </p>

<span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size:48px; color:#ffffff;">[Description]</span>

result (without any css)

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Thank you so much!!!