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Hi all,
for the item below, how can I present the value of ? I tried thinkgs like [Image|Url], [|Url], [Image/Url] etc, and nothing worked.

Would you please help me here? I look at all the examples but did not get it…

Thank you!!

Sorry I saw the format failed when I pasted…

Basically I have the structure: <item><image><url>value</url></image></item>

I want to present the content of the as a text or image in my layout.

What namespace is your RSS feed using? You’ll need to know that so you can use the appropriate value per the guide you linked.

Im using this Instagram to RSS generator to present Instagram feeds in Xibo:

It is working nice when I use but Im not finding a way to get the normal size image, just the trumb size.

I want to use the first one above because it looks easier to get the image.

@dan had a look for you as I ran out of ideas.

<url> is nested inside <image> so it’s not accessible I’m afraid. If the feed had <url> inside <item> directly then you could access it with [url|]

Unfortunately SimplePie (the RSS parser we’re using) doesn’t support getting at the contents of nested tags.

If you can find something to modify the feed before it gets to Xibo then it would work. Yahoo Pipes used to be great for that kind of thing but it’s gone/going now.

There’s Huginn which may be able to do what you want:
It’s not something I’ve setup personally but it claims to have the same functionality that pipes did.

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Cool, let me try and let you know the results!

@dan is going to/has just put a different RSS parser in to 1.8 which we have checked can pull that tag out for you.

Dan, It would be nice to have the CMS a tool for integration as the

A direct integration would be lovely, but the OP is using an RSS feed from that service and with the 1.8.0 release you will then be able to extract the image from the feed correctly.