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Xibo for Linux Xibo for Linux is a native Player application built for the Xibo CMS. The Xibo CMS The Xibo CMS is an open source web application which can be self-hosted or run on our Xibo in the Cloud platform. Xibo for webOS Xibo for webOS is a System on Chip (SOC) Player that allows you to leverage the power of webOS 3.0 for Signage! Xibo for Tizen Xibo for Tizen is a System on Chip (SOC) Player which allows you to utilise Samsung’s professional Tizen Monitors! Xibo in the Cloud Xibo in the Cloud is a platform from Xibo Signage which places your Xibo CMS in our Cloud! White Label Services Present your own corporate branding with one of our White Label Services. Xibo for Android Xibo for Android has been designed from the ground up using the latest native technology for Android. Xibo for Windows Xibo for Windows is our very first native Player built for the Xibo CMS.
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Installation Guides for the Xibo CMS

Our recommended installation guides can be found using the following link: CMS Installation Guides Please select the guide appropriate for your environment. Once your Xibo CMS is installed, additional set up is require…

2 February 11, 2020
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