Why can items only be assessed by the Display?

Qu: I get the following message showing for one of my Layouts “There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the Display”. How do I resolve this?

Answer: This is not an error but a status to tell you that the CMS cannot make a decision on whether the Layout will run as intended or not. Any Widgets that use content outside the CMS’s control will give that status, such as Web pages, embedded content etc.

Scenario: A user creates a Layout that contains a web page. When previewed in the Layout Designer, it will be rendered by the web browser used to access the CMS. The functionality of that browser could be different to the browser used in the device running the Player, which is why it is not possible to guarantee what you see in the CMS will match what will be seen on the Display when scheduled.

Click the link for further information regarding the play status of Layouts: Status Indicator