How to resolve 403 Forbidden error

403 Forbidden error solution

To resolve a 403 Forbidden error returned when trying to connect your Xibo for Windows player to your CMS, please can you follow these steps exactly as I described them.

Even if the box mentioned in these steps appears to be empty, you must still follow the exact instructions.

  • In the Player options application shown in this screenshot, go to the advanced tab:

  • Click into the Hardware Key box.
  • Now hold the CTRL key and press A.
  • Now press the Delete key.
  • Now return to the Connect tab, enter your CMS URL and Key, then click the Connect button.
  • Restart the Xibo player options application.

You should now see a new status message saying:

  1. Display is awaiting authorisation if this is a new player setup.
  2. Display is Active if the display has connected and is associated with an existing display entry in your CMS.
  • Click the Launch Player button to complete the setup.