I want upgrade xibo from 1.7.9 (Manual installation) to 2.0.0 (Docker Installation).
I follow the procedure in the web, but i obtain Class XiboWidgetNotificationView not found in some actions.
I read


but it dont work for me.
can anyone help me with that?


We had the exact same issue and solved it today.

Our database had what looked like an issue caused by not escaping “\” in a class column of the notificationview module (Upgrade Script???).

We had to get into the DB inside our docker. Follow the below to get SQL access.

Then run:
select * from module where module=‘notificationview’;

If the “class” column has “XiboWidgetNotificationView” as its value, this is wrong. It needs to be “Xibo\Widget\NotificationView”.

To update the row enter:
update module set class=‘Xibo\\Widget\\NotificationView’ where module=‘notificationview’;

That should be it!