Understanding Media duration and how it affects playback

When working with Xibo Layouts, it’s important to understand how Media duration affects the playback of your Layout and how flexible it can be!

Let’s look at an example Layout setup and see how that will play:

Layout A
Region 1: Image 1 (10s), Image 2 (10s)
Region 2: Text 1 (5s), Text 2 (2s)

If we click on the arrow button in the top left hand corner of the Preview window, we can see how that will play by previewing the entire Layout:

  • Region 1 is the longest running Region on the Layout and so once this Region fully plays its media, which in this case is Image 1 for 10 seconds then Image 2 for 10 seconds, the whole Layout will reload and start again (for the scheduled timeframe).
  • Meanwhile, Region 2 will show Text 1, Text 2, Text 1, Text 2 over and over UNTIL Region 1 fully completes, which in this example is after 20 seconds. It will then stop and the whole Layout will reload.

Regions which only contain one Media item are an exception to this basic rule:

Layout B
Region 1: Image (10s)
Region 2: Text 1 (10s), Text 2 (10s)

Region 2 is the longest running Region on this Layout but since Region 1 only has one Media item in it, when the Layout plays, the image in Region 1 will show once and then remain on the Layout until Region 2 completes (as if it had a duration of 20 seconds).

This is a really powerful feature as it offers great flexibility. Take for example a Layout with a Ticker that has a Duration per item selected - so an RSS feed that gets shorter and longer could have a duration of 3s per item. Assuming the RSS feed is the longest running item then you only need to worry about the duration per item of your RSS feed, as the other Regions will take care of themselves!

When would you use the Region Loop?

Use the Region Options form to set a Loop for a particular Region.

In some cases it might be desirable to have a Region with just 1 item reload when that item has finished.

Consider this Layout:

Layout C
Region 1: Video (3600s), Video (3600s), Video (3600s)
Region 2: Ticker (3600s) with Loop ticked

Assume that the Ticker in Region 2 is expected to have content that will change every hour. With the Region Loop ticked, the Ticker will reload each time it expires and show refreshed content until Region 1 has fully played out, which in this example is after 3 hours.

Remember, selecting Loop for a Region is only effective for a Region with 1 Media item and should only be used for certain Media types where the content changes (Ticker RSS, Weather, Calendar etc)