Can you have "Unlimited" duration

Morning folks,

Total novice when it comes to Xibo here. I’ve just installed it at the school I work at and am beginning to put some layouts together.

The first hurdle I’ve hit is having an item permanently displayed. When I come to insert a flash movie to play, I have to specify the number of seconds to display it for - I want it to appear permanently. Can someone explain this to me?

Secondly, I want to insert a powerpoint presentation to run on a loop. I’ve used the menu in the layout designer but when I run the player, a dialogue box appears asking me if I want to open or save the powerpoint.

Any help appreciated.


The FAQ has answers to alot of these kind of questions, so that’s a great place to start:

PowerPoint setup instructions:

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Quick response! I shall check out the links you’ve posted.

Many thanks.

Hi there,

I’ve solved the issue of the powerpoint starting when xibo is launched. It is however only playing the first slide and then restarting.

I have the timeline set at 10 seconds. I’ve read the link you posted regarding media duration but am still confused on how to get it to run continuous on a loop (essentially) forever…

Is this even possible? Is it just a case of setting it to 100000000000000000000 seconds?


You need to setup the PowerPoint slide show to advance automatically. It will then do so when shown.

With regard to media duration, you can set a very high duration but the article I linked explains why it’s a really bad idea.

What you want to set is the duration it takes to loop though your PowerPoint presentation. When the layout finishes, it will just start over again automatically.

If you converted your PowerPoint to video as we recommend then you can just enter the duration as 0 and then the Player will detect the end of the video automatically.

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