ZeroMQ XMR which allows push communications

HI need help to below issue

im using 2019 64bit server for xibo . all are runing but how to resolved this ZeroMQ ZeroMQ is used to send messages to XMR which allows push communications with player issue . please help me to this

hello I am blocked too, I found tutorials, but without result and you? you managed to unlock zeroMQ on xibo?

NO resale found . please any one help US ?

How to resolved this issue ??

Look here

I received this message after following the tutorial what you can help me thank you sorry it s french

I think the entry point of the dynamic library in the webserver is not correct.
Do you use xampp? If not, the path to c: \ xampp \ php \ ext is not correct.
Which web server do you use? Where is your php directory?

Do you have written in your php.ini, under the chapter “Dynamic Extensions” the line:
extension=php_zmq.dll ?

Exist the file “php_zmq.dll” in your PHP-Extension Folder?

Greetings from Germany

i use xampp-windows-x64-7.3.7-0-VC15 ; i dowload php_zmq-1.1.3-7.2-ts-vc15-x64 i use apache server my php is C:/xxamp /php yes it exist


if you wanna help, so write every possible information here, that you know.

We dont have a glass sphere and we can not clairvoyance…

What version of Xampp, What version of PHP, x32 or x64, Thread Safety or Non Thread Safety?

Make a Sreenshot of your PHP-Info, so i can see whats running.

What versions of C++ Runtimes are installed on the OS. What OS do you use.

And so on…

You have to engage a little bit to help us to solve your Problem.



i use windows 10
runtimes 2017

thank for help

Thank you for the Screenshot:

The right Package is:

Ok Download an copy the files in:

File libzmq.dll must copied to your PHP folder (c:\xampp\php)
File php_zmq.dll must copied to your PhP-folder/ext (c:\xampp\php\ext)

Edit your PHP ini:

Under the chapter: „Dynamic Extensions“ you must write the line:
This is necessary that the Webserver can load the extension
Restart your Webserver !

i try two sec thank you


It is possible that the Extension for PHP 7.2.x not really good works with PHP 7.3.7.

I see you have alle C++ Runtimes installed, so there is no problem about that.


Ok thats absolutley all right! Thanx for the Screenshots.

In this time i setup a new Xampp-Server here and tomorrow i look is ZeroMq running here in this setup.

My produktive Xibo server is a Windows 10, Xampp 5.6.36 and Xibo 1.8.12 and there ZeroMQ is running.

Come back tomorrow and i hope we can fix the problem.

yes i come tomorow im finish too thank thank for help

You are very welcome

Ok i found the mistake.

you must add a line on your http.conf:

LoadFile “C:\xampp\php\libzmq.dll”

In my produktiv Server it is not presend, in my Testserver i fix the problem that the .dll isen’t load.

hello in morming i test but
I always have the error i try with your version xammp and xibo

My testserver is a Xampp 5.6.40 and Xibo 1.8.12.

Everything work fine


it works for me this problem is version of ph zmq