How to install ZeroMQ on a Windows system

Many questions about ZeroMQ here in the forum,
so i write a How-to for WindowsSystems.

Hope it helps everyone.

If you report a mistake in the How-To, please contact me, so i can fix it.

Greeting from Germany

ZeroMq installing V1.4.pdf (510.7 KB)

Update 1.2: Fix the declaration of loading the libzmq.dll into the Webserver
Update 1.3 Note: ZeroMQ is not working with PHP-Version above 7.2.x
Update 1.4 Howto configure the XMR-Service

For anyone running this version on a Windows Server, here is a method for launching the BATCH file at startup:

Auto start XMR-Service on startup

Open notepad and create a batch file called XMR.BAT

cd C:\XIBO_CMS\vendor\xibosignage\xibo-xmr\bin
php xmr.phar

Save it to C:\XIBO_CMS\xmr.bat

It is important that this script is always running. If not, XMR will not work.

Run “Task Scheduler” and select “Create Basic Task”

Give it a name “XiboXMRstartup” ==> Next
Set the trigger to “When the computer starts” ==> Next
Select “Start a program” ==>Next
Browse to the Batch file where you saved it above
Add the “Start in” path without the \ at the end

Check the box: “Open the Properties dialog …” ==>Finish
Under General tab:
Select “Run whether user is logged on”
“Run with highest privileges”

Under Conditions Tab:
Check “Wake the computer to run this task”
An authentication box will pop up.
Enter the password for the Administrator account

Follow the instructions Steitz To provided on setting up Xibo XMR

thats what i added yesterday to my howto in version 1.4

Everything is right in your manual, but please explain that x.x.x.x: in the TCP-Configuration means the IP-Adress of your Webserver. This make sense ,then nobody knows what x.x.x.x is…

Yes, GREAT Document you shared with everyone. I wanted to added in an option for those that are using Windows Server as their platform, that they can launch the batch file via Task Schedular. You might want to include some of these as options for how to start up this task.

Thank you. Yes, good idea for the Guys with IIS or other Webservers on Windows.

I do the same like the Batch in my productive Server and it works great.