Xibo for Windows - WPF Player Pre-release

Xibo are pleased to announce a pre-release of Xibo for Windows v2 R252. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2 and has legacy mode for version 1.8. It requires Windows 10.

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Hello Xibo Team !

Great news, I’m very glad to read it as it will bring new possibilities for us.

I already downloaded and tried the pre-release and If can tell you one thing that doesn’t work for you to see if you can improve/debug, here’s what I tried :

If I add a Youtube video with the embedded widget, the video doesn’t play. Instead I have a warning message from Youtube (the same layout works fine with either the IE Xibo player or the Edge Xibo player) :

Can you please check it ?

Thank you for the work you do.

You’re welcome and thank you for the feedback.

The YouTube problem relates to Chromium and the video codecs they are allowed to distribute with their DLLs (none of the commercial ones!). This means that some videos will play and others will not.

We’ve got something experimental in the player which will allow you to switch to Edge for YouTube - all you need to do is put the following in the embedded widget html section:

<!-- BROWSER=edge -->

Could you give that a whirl and let us know?

It works!

Thank you Dan, always at the top !

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Hi Guys,

This new player is great! So smooth. a great improvement from before!

One thing I have noticed while testing I have seen that backgrounds on regions don’t seem to work.when used as an overlay layout. For example I am testing it with an RSS feed ticker bar and I’ve set a background on the region [rgba(0,56,130,0.3)] but it just appears as transparent behind the RSS feed text. The ticker displays fine and this alone is a vast improvement from the old windows player where there was no transparency but it would be good to have the ability to have a some very light shading to make the text stand out a bit better in the final release of windows player V2. Fantastic job though, especially for a beta release!

Chris J

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I’ve an overlay layout that now has black background instead of the one configured for the layout.

Edit: Same as finchy :slight_smile:

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So we’ve gone too transparent now! :smiley: :laughing:

I’ve made a note so that we can look at that - I bet we’re ignoring the background colour applied inside the Widget - we just need to detect that and use it if its there.

Thanks for the great feedback!

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Just in the right moment, thanks. I needed a player which supports 4k resolution, transparency and overlay layouts :). Loks like that this new windows player is the only one which meets my requirements.

When a 4k layout is displayed on a screen with lower resolution, the layout is not scaled correctly. Text appears at wrong location.

Do you mean that you have tested the new Player and this is happening? That would be really interesting.

I have another bug reported which is similar, so I will take a look at that soon.

yes, I have tested this. The layout is 4K, and it is no problem to show it with an andoid player on screens with other resolution. Using the new windows player, the screen resolution must match the layout resolution. I’m not in the office today, but next week I can send you a screenshoot.

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Thank you - i’ll try to recreate that myself and address the problem.

It happens to regions with Text Widget and News Ticker.

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This release has been updated with the following fixes:

  • scaling for layouts of different resolutions to the player
  • widgets with background colours
  • screensaver mode throwing an exception
  • widget transitions (fade in/out, and fly)

You can get the new MSI here.

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Hi Dan!
very promising!
Many thanks for the great work you guys are doing!

If understood correct,
this version can be used with CMS v2.
When do you think we could have a version of this which could be used for production purposes?

Many thanks!


Yes correct - for use with a v2 CMS.

I think we’re getting close. There has been good feedback from users doing testing, so we are now looking at adding some v2 R202 features to both player variants so that we can release. This is what we have in progress: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient/milestone/4.

Late next week perhaps, or early the week after :crossed_fingers:

Great!! :star_struck:
Thanks a lot! :grinning:

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