Show different creatives each cycle

Transitions for the Windows player are something that we desperately need and another thing is the ability of displaying content one at each cycle of the layout.
If i have one playlist with let’s say 5 media items which is scheduled to be shown for a time period and i have set of an advertisement like 3 media items that are planned as one advertisement and i want to show one at each cycle, or second cycle or third cycle.

We have discussed about this before and i was hoping to see it with 2.3 which i have installed but looks like we unfortunately do not have it there.


Fantastic! :partying_face:
Hopefully the WPF player address that for you.

You’re right, I said we would look at it and see what we could do - its much more complicated to add that into Xibo than it first seemed and would be a huge undertaking.

I think you’ve been talking with Chris about how we might be able to solve that problem in another way.
If you don’t mind, its better to continue that discussion with him so that we don’t get confused. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Dan!
The feature i mention is pretty much required for advertisement.
Yes we have discussed some with Chris but i do not think we will have such feature there.

I understand its difficulty but just wondering,
are there any chances of making it work with playlist feature which we currently have?
Current playlist can collect media items with name and display them with different parameters, displaying every second cycle, third cycle or fourth cycle could be one of the parameters?

With best regards

I agree with you 100%, and it is my understanding that the other solution will work like that as standard, so perhaps it would be worth going back over that with Chris?

Thanks Dan!
I am sure you know it better than i :grinning:
I will go back to Chris.

Many thanks!

Haha, well I wouldn’t be so sure!! :man_juggling:

One thing I am sure about is that we definitely want to cover your use case one way or another!

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