Using DataSets to display Birthday


I want to use the Datasets to display Birthdays of people.
How can I change the filter to display the birtdays of that day NOW()?

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Dataset Birthday


NOW() > Start AND NOW() < End

Assuming Start/End - are the day of someone’s birthday it should work. ie:

Start 2015-09-01 00:00:00
End 2015-09-01 23:59:59

Then with this filter it will show only record(s) of people that have birthday on that specific day.

As for dataSet you would need just dates and [Name] I guess, then in ticker add this filter and in appearance the [Name] tag.

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I use only one date and no time.

Date 2015-09-02`

Is there a filter option for NOW() to check only on the date.

Then I will have a filter like

NOW(??) = Date


Yeah I guess you can do something like that
Your Column with ‘Date’ in my example is named ‘Birthday’ it’s a column in date format and 2015-09-03 dates in rows so something like you already have.
Then in filter you can put something like this:


Where ‘Birthday’ is a column name with dates so you might want to change that if your column has different name

It should work just fine

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Great it works!! :grinning:



Cool :smile:

In this case, I’ll close this topic.

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