Schedule layout that repeats - modify only single instance


I would like to be able to schedule a repeating layout and then modify a single playback time without modifying all playback events in the series. Is there anyway to achieve this? Or something that could be incorporated in the future?

Put another way is there anyway to schedule a repeating layout then modify playback of a single instance, all following instances, or all instances in the series?

Please see this regarding how durations are working:

I think you’d need to tell us more details about what did you do? (ie what layouts do you have what durations do they have, how did you schedule it etc.)

So you have ‘x’ layouts, are they grouped in campaign?
If you change the longest duration on the layout it will change the overall duration of a whole layout.


Thanks for responding, let me try to break-down what I am trying to accomplish further. The issue I am having is not the same as what Alex is describing in the post you shared.

We use Xibo at Oakland University for our Public, educational, and government access television channel (OUTV), Xibo stores our student made video content and handles playback on the channel. We have multiple series with multiple episodes that each have there own corresponding layout created for them. A new layout is created each time a student finishes their show and the media is uploaded and added to this layout, we include the video duration in the layout name to make scheduling them easier (each video is an even number of minutes in duration).

The issue I am facing is with scheduling these layouts, currently we have a repeating schedule were each episode is repeated every other day in there respective time blocks.

Link to another photo

I would like to find a way where someone can change a scheduled layout that only effects one instance of playback and not change every instance in the schedule. For instance change the second layout scheduled in the picture from Bake It Show 2 to Bake It Show 3 but starting 4 days from now or change Bake It Show 2 to Bake It Show 3 for only one scheduled playback time. Similar to how Google Calendar allows you to modify a single repeating event or future events after a certain date.

Link to google calendar photo

Is there anyway I can accomplish this while still maintaining a repeating schedule similar to the one in place now? Or is there anyway this feature could be otherwise accommodated or implemented in the future.

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