Players will display a blank screen when the Display has only one Layout scheduled

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We are running a project that has its peculiarities and we´re still trying to figure out the root cause, but in our conception the display should not go blank. So here is our current setup and dynamics:

CMS Version: 2.3.10, docker installed
Player Version: 2 R257.2-257
Player Host OS: Windows 10
Schedule: 1 layout scheduled per player
Layout: 1 different layout per player, full screen
Layout content: 1 SubPlaylist Widget, with 1 individual playlist
Playlist content: soletly HTML packaged files (HTZ) - varying between 30 to 100 items in the timeline
Playlist manipulation: through API (automation)
Content Origin: automatically generated HTZ files, which are uploaded using a proprietary platform.
Content upload and item inclusion in the playlists are automated using the API

Issue: Some Devices will display a blank screen despite having data connection, usually when a set of HTZ files is removed from the playlists, and the new ones are included also using the API. And some will display the Default Layout.

Workaround: Checkout and then Publish the affected Layout again.
Pattern of occurrence: Usually when the media items are removed from the Playlist, and the new set is being published.

We´ve read a lot of topics and but reports in the Git, but could not find a suitable explanation and solution:
If you do not expire the layout being modified, some exceptions may cause the splash screen to appear > Error when no schedule (only default layout) · Issue #207 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub
In some cases, the [player v 254.1] option "ExpireModifiedLayouts" does the same thing as true > WPF: player doesn't skip validity check for the Current Layout · Issue #168 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub
BLANK CURRENT LAYOUT in Xibo 2.3.6 - #5
When does the player play [Updated Layout]?
Problem with Default Layout to display - #3 by natopx
Protect against an invalid Default Layout · Issue #180 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub
Video: Black screen after 1 to 2 hours · Issue #186 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub
Default Layout displayed when layout containing content with future dated content is scheduled alongside valid layout. · Issue #192 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub

We´ve read something about on how the Player will handle the XSF file of the Layout - but we could not figure out it´s behavior precisely. Does the current Layout file is deleted so a new layout is downloaded? What if the player has only one Layout Scedule? We also have some reports in this customer that the Default Layout would be displayed, instead of a black screen.

Thank you in advance
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