When does the player play [Updated Layout]?


I want to know when exactly the player will reflect the layout change in the playback.

The Player plays one layout repeatedly.
The media is added to the dynamic playlist and the layout is updated.
① When will the player play this updated layout?

I think it is one of the following.
・Do not run until the current cycle (Layout) is complete, but start with a new cycle.
・Alternatively, the current cycle is prematurely terminated and the updated layout is executed from the beginning.
・Timing different from the above.

② Interrupt Execution Using [Priority]
When does the layout play?
(I think this timing is one of the above.)

・cms: 2.2.1
・Player: v2 -201

I look forward to your reply.

When I tested this myself, it worked like this:.

・If the update has been downloaded by the start of the next cycle, the updated layout is executed in the next cycle.
・If the update download is not completed in the current cycle and is completed in the next cycle, the updated layout is executed in the next cycle after the completed cycle.

That is, it is always executed in a new cycle immediately after the download is completed.
“When is the cycle of running the latest version” depends on “collection interval and duration of the layout”.

Is this perception correct?
I’m sorry to ask you a very obvious question.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

I may have settled myself on this matter.

About Running an Updated Layout

・If “Expire Modified Layouts” is not used, it runs in the cycle immediately following the download completion.

・When “Expire Modified Layouts” is Used

Immediately expire the layout after downloading the update.
View the new layout after applying the update.

Please let me know if there is any mistake or supplement.

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