Player doesn't change

I am on windows 7 and using client on the same machine as the server to test all.

At first everything worked fine but know the client won’t change layout no matter what I do.

I have even tried re installing the client. What can I do?

What versions do you use? (CMS and player)
What’s on the display page in CMS? (status of your device? logged in?)
Are you sure that layout that you want to schedule now is valid?

Perhaps you have long running layout currently scheduled?
If you do then that might be a cause of this:

version 1.7.4 on both
On the display page there isn’t any display
The layout I wan’t to shedule is an image of 10 seconds, just to change the one that is running now.
The one that is on now is a video, an RSS ticker and a clock. This layout has been deleted yesterday but is still running.
I may have put 9999 seconds not knoing it couldn’t be changed. If so, how can i possibly make the player change layout?

Well that is a one long running layout :smiley:

Please go to schedule and delete the event in which you scheduled this layout, then next time you open Xibo player it should play default layout and of course you should be able to schedule new layout too.

You might also consider this option - “Expire Modified Layouts” in settings, although we would suggest just to set more reasonable durations for your layouts.

Sorry for the question but, where iis that option? I can’t find it. Deleting the event on the schedule did not work for me TT

I found it, but this option is already activated. What can I do? TT

Assuming that you changed the correct display profile (the one your device is using) then layout should be expired after next collection interval.
About that, what’s your collection interval? (also in display profile settings)
Or perhaps you have this layout set as default layout?
If that’s the case please go to displays-> change default layout to the other one.

Collection interval is set to 30, but when re installing the display i removed the display from the list.I thought when I installed the software again it would set a new display. I assume I was wrong.
It is not set as default layout.

The displays page is empty?

ah I see

Well your display won’t be getting any updates from the CMS because you deleted it… you will need to use the Xibo Player Options to re-add it (you can change the hardware key to ensure you get a new display).

I have changed the key but now it can’t connect to the server

It’s a miracle, it worked. Thank you so much!

Great, thanks for this information, we are glad that you managed to solve this issue!