Same problem as before

I have the same problem as a few days ago: Player doesn't change

But this time it is locked on default layout. What am I doing wrong?

I’ll assume that this time you didn’t delete your display from CMS?
In which case, could you tell us what does it have in status and logged in columns in CMS displays page?
What’s on your default layout now?

The problem is it doesn’t upload from my own computer, but it does when I save a layout on another

I am sorry, I am not sure if I know what you mean, could you try to be more specific?

It doesn’t matter from what PC you’re accessing your CMS, when you create a layout it’s in the CMS so if your player is correctly connected to the same CMS, then when you schedule your layout to display on your device it should work just fine.

There are few things that may interfere as we already discussed in your previous topic.

Other than that my questions from previous post still stands.

the original issue has been fixed, thanks for your help.

Cool, thanks for letting us know :smile: