Media library content shows empty

I made the installation of docker xibo 2.3.2 in ubuntu 18.04 server

when i try to see the content of library it shows empty

in the library location “/opt/xibo/shared/cms/library/” the file uploaded is there.

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Looking at your screenshot it shows that you have the ‘Retired’ filter set to Yes, which means that only retired media should show. Can you set this to No and see if this resolves your issue?

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It’s absolutely the same .

You can’t upload files to the server library and expect them to appear inside Xibo.

You must upload the files via Xibo’s interface (using the Add Media button) and it will put them in the correct place. You should never add, remove or modify the files in /opt/xibo/shared/cms/library/ yourself as you will cause issues.

that’s what i’m doing, i upload the files through the web interface but they don’t appear in media menu.
the upload is made with no problem and the files like i said are stored in the library folder.

I’m having a similar issue, except that it is my dynamic playlists showing no media in the library. I haven’t received a reply to my topic yet, but here’s the link in case it’s helpful: Media Filtering Issue

Are you using a reverse proxy? Are you using external MySQL server? What’s the URL you’re accessing the CMS at?

I made some progress in the identification of issue.
our xibo CMS are instaled in a diferent VLAN, whe acess direct trought ip inside our VPN
when acess is made in the vlan of the server, media library appear perfectly but when the acess is made outside dont appear

Does the URL you access the CMS at change depending on where you’re accessing the CMS from?

No, i access through ip of server…


I’m not sure then I’m afraid. If it works on the same network as the server is on, then I can’t think that it can be something related to Xibo I’m afraid. You’d need to work through with your network team to understand what is different in each environment.

My library also shows empty if I update past 2.1.0 It’s done it with both 2.2.0 and 2.3.0. If I try to replace media in one of my layouts, I can see what’s in my library, but not when I go to the Media tab directly.

I’ve done a fresh manual install of Xibo 2.3.3 and on the same VLAN all the media shows as normal. Any client on another VLAN it wont show the media via the webpage.

The Player will download the files/folders the xibo library folder. But I am getting a HTML error everytime I try and push a powerpoint file.

Our other server running 1.8.11 works fine across VLAN’s

I have a similar issue as what has been described above. In version 2.3.3 I can see that there is a library if I want to add background or swap but I cannot see the library when i click in to media. I can also upload media to the server from a layout and it will stay saved to the library. If I log on to Xibo from the localhost as the same user I can see the media. It’s only when I’m logging in from another computer that I cannot see the media library.

Windows 10 docker
Xibo 2.3.3

First of all- thank you for those who created Xibo, very cool product.

Same weird issue for me however for me after i upgraded from a Server 2012 1.8 iis install, to an install of:

Windows 10 Docker
Xibo 2.3.3

Doesnt matter what browser i try on a client machine to access the webpage, the media library is blank unless i access it from a machine on the same vlan as the xibo install. everything else still appears to render properly.

2.3.4 still has the same issue.

Will try 2.3.5 shortly

Media is still not showing even on 2.3.5

In my case i has resolve the problem, it was in antivirus we use in company.

I had to ignore the xibo webpage admin in the antivirus, after that everything was back to normal.

For some reason it block the media library.

Sadly it’s not an Anti Virus issue for me.

I’ve just installed 2.1.0 and it is working fine across VLAN’s.

There must be something changed in the code that stops it. :frowning_face:

We use the CMS across the public internet which is the exact same scenario as “across VLANs”.

There has to be something else changing in your environment. Are you clearing your browser cache after each upgrade? You need to do that.