Media Filtering Issue

I am using CMS Version 2.3.2, and I am currently experiencing issues with the media filter for dynamic playlists. These playlists have been working fine and filtering out the appropriate media according to tag, but now when I check my them, there is no media showing up in the filter, as seen below.

The previously added media continues to play for these lists, despite not showing up in the filter, but any new media I have tried to add is not being added to the playlist it seems. Can anyone help me figure out this issue?

I have similar problem. I have created various playlists over api with multiple tags, but, the filter recognize first tag only. For recognize more than first tag, i need edit manually register, removing the tag and adding again.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

I’m having this issue with the Cloud trial.
Anyone able to help?

Please do open a support ticket with our helpdesk so we can investigate further with your trial instance.

Thank you

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