Layout not loading

Hi you all,

I’m a newbie to xibo and I tried to load a layout to a xibo client 1.7.8 on a windows 10.
When pressing the i on the client, I get this info:

What seems to be the issue?

Are you certain that your default layout is valid? (checkmark in layout status in CMS) - you can send the layout to us if want us to check it.

You can also go to ‘Modules’ page and run ‘verify all’ routine. Then restart your player and give it a moment.

How is your display represented in the CMS displays page? Is it logged in and up-to date?
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Hi, yes, the default layout is valid and is ticked in the layout menu. I already verified the modules and the display menu says it’s all ok.

What’s your player library location?

See the missing information from the status window are at the top after cms address, there should be 'Currently showing <path to the player's local library>'

and under schedule status, there should be layout id of your default (in this case) layout not 0.

The default (and recommended) path is
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Xibo Library

Also what do you have in CMS settings -> CMS library path?
It should be fully qualified path, please see ‘Library Location’ section of this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

the path in the client is the default. the path in the cms is, I believe, also default : /home/xibo/library/
When I check the library on the client, I can see that all necessary pics are downloaded from the default layout, but it’s still not showing.

Could you export your layout, upload it somewhere (dropbox/similar) and share the download link with me?
Just to make sure it’s not the layout’s fault.

Layout is fine, it’s displayed just fine on our test PC.
I’d have only one advice - the duration on clock item, you might want to lower it a bit
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Just to confirm CMS is also 1.7.8?

mm, could you also please open php.ini, find this line
always_populate_raw_post_data -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

After that, please restart your web server.

If that won’t fix it.

Could you turn on debugging (Report fault page) and auditing for your display (Displays page).
Then check logs page and see if there are any additional errors there.
You can also check recent log and media inventory of your display on Displays page.

My CMS is the 1.7.6
Should I first perform an upgrade instead of changing the php.ini?

Doesn’t really matter, but it would be best to upgrade to 1.7.8 anyway, so you can do that first.

ok, will do this tonight. Keep you posted. Thx in advance.

It gave me a real pain in the *ss, but I found out the issue. Well, not exactly the issue, but a solution. After upgrading my CMS, updating the php.ini and so on, it still didn’t work. Then I just deleted the display from my CMS console and added it again. Now it works fine and when I change my layout, it updates the client too. Thx for your assistance.