Issue with Google Slide Embed


Hey everyone,

I have an odd issue that appeared recently. We have a few different layouts that have google slides embedded. It has been working quite well for almost a year.

The new issue that appeared is that we have a gray square in the top right of the embed. It started appearing around 1 week ago. Here is a sample image:

It appears just with Google Slides. When remoting into the clients and right clicking on the square, it shows as Adobe Flash Player Content.

I suspect it is Google Slide’s fault, but I cannot reproduce it in IE or Edge with various compatibility levels/etc on the clients. Anyone know how to diagnose it further?

Clients are Windows 10 1803 x64 running Xibo Player 1.8.10.
Server CMS is Xibo 1.8.11.

Anyone seen anything like this? I am at a loss!

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Having the same issue.


I’m also having the same issue. Very frustrating. Each time I restart the client it goes away briefly. No other clues that I can find.


Thank you for the screenshots showing the issue. If you can export the layout and upload the zip file using the below link, you can provide me the URL in a private message so I can test it and find out what is causing the issue.

Many Thanks.


Just chiming in here. I just messaged DanBW with my exported layout and detail about my setup. I’m having the same issue with google slides. I have not observed the problem on Windows 7 clients, just Windows 10. I have not checked an android client yet. Youtube videos play fine (which are also embedded in our setup) with no grey box.


Thank you to User imcnoyd for providing the layout for testing. Thank you also for confirming that the issue has not been observed when using Windows 7. I have tested the Layout on Android and did not see the mysterious square, the slides were presented without issue. No errors are being generated in the logs, suggesting that the issue is not with Xibo itself.

When Xibo for Windows displays an iframe or web page, it passes that page to the web browser, which is Internet Explorer and then presents that on your Display. Nothing is modified by Xibo, the rendering is handled by Internet Explorer. This would therefore suggest that the issue may be related to Google Slides.

If any users have experienced this issue with an iframe other than Google Slides, I would be more than happy to test that Layout. Please upload it using the transfer link in my previous message and send me the URL privately.

Many Thanks.


Ya, I believe it is a bug with GSlides. Need to identify from where though.

From my testing already IE didn’t reproduce this issue on the clients. I opened the same code the same embed code from a .html. I don’t get squares.

So maybe GSlides / .Net WebBrowser interaction ( I can test within .Net and see if any issues arise.




Same issue here as well. This glitch started to become annoying. Is there any quick fix or workaround? My bosses did not like it at all !!!


Unfortunately the issue is with Google Slides not Xibo, a fix would therefore have to be issued from Google.

There is a possible workaround though but it requires a copy of Microsoft Powerpoint. If you open your Presentation in Google Slides, select the File option and you will see Download as. Download your Presentation as a Powerpoint Presentation.

Next open your presentation in Powerpoint, select File and choose Export from the menu. Select Create a Video and save it. You will now have an mp4 version of your presentation. Instead of using a Webpage or Embed widget in your Layout, you can now create a Video widget instead to display the presentation.

I hope this workaround will help to resolve your issue.

Many Thanks.


Thanks for the respond Dan. Well, the reason we use the Google slides is because clients can update the shared slide then the content on the screens will update without any it person involved. Since we have 12 screens, updating the content daily is a lot of work.

I am planing to by pass the xibo and running the slide full screen directly in chrome browser with a page refresh extension. In that case we will not able to display xibo widgets though such as weather, our custom logo and time.

Thank you,


Any idea how would we report the problem to Google? I haven’t been able to recreate the problem in any browser. If I had a problem I could actually show them then maybe they would take action, but as it is I’m just describing a problem that apparently doesn’t exist.


Same problem here, grey window at upper left corner.
Also a lot of errors last weeks that he can’t load the media.

Very frustrating. I don’t know what to do.
I tried to ignore Xibo and open google chrome in the startup, with the -incognito -kiosk command, and a auto refresh addon but it won’t refresh in full screen.

Hope the Xibo-team finds a solution for this…


I do have a somewhat workaround, but it requires putting a buffer of 200px of space above the GSlide. Below is a sample Gslide page

Then in the embed code, add content like this:

<div style="position: relative; top: -200px;">
<iframe src="LINK TO SLIDE" width="1050" height="1325" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

However, this requires a change of the content area and users could potentially mess it up. Kinda a workaround.




We have the same issue… Windows 10 and Google Slides. :frowning:


Having the same issue - any fix yet?


Enabling HTML 5 Windows Emulation fixes the issue.


Tried using 11000 (0x2AF8) settings…no improvement :frowning:


I did that change awhile back while testing. Tested various Browser Emulation options. Here is a regedit screenshot showing XiboClient.exe in WOW6432NODE (This is Win10 x64). I am using 11001 to force to IE11 mode for everything. I still get the same symptoms.

I added an entry to the 64bit section as well, but same symptoms.


I just purchased Xibo for my company, was hoping to move away from Rise Vision, and of course now the first screen I attempt to setup I run into this exact problem.

I understand the issue may lie with how IE is handling the page, but simply put we cannot recreate this directly in IE, so Xibo support telling us Google Slides has to implement the fix is a bit frustrating.

Xibo support - is there any active attempt to fix this issue from your end? Or research into any possible fix? If I am unable to embed Google Slides I think Xibo will be useless for me in the long run, as the workarounds add too much to the workflow.

Any information on if any luck as been had with a fix would be much appreciated. Thank you!



I’ve given up for now, I’m hoping that Xibo will recode the windows xibo clients to use Chrome instead…websites that are IE 11 compatible is shrinking fast…