Issue with Google Slide Embed


I’ve come up with a workaround that may help some people. The issue with the box appears due to the IE11 cache. I fixed the issue by moving the cache folder and deleting the contents of the folder before Xibo starts

  1. Create a new folder (i used “iecache” and left it on the desktop)
  2. Open IE11 as admin and move the cache folder to that location (requires restart)
  3. Create a batch file that removes the directory (rmdir) and re-creates it (mkdir). This is needed as the folder has to be empty
  4. Run batch file before starting Xibo

One thing I noticed is that if the folder has to be empty if the Google Sheet reloads automatically or changes, so I wrote a scheduled task to run the batch file every 10 minutes. I’m not sure how this affects other layouts as I use this on clients that just show Slides, but it has been working like a charm. Users can update the slide on their own and it will show up in the client

Hope this helps