Images don't show dataset and rss ticker

Im using a dataset only the images doesn’t show in the ticker. How can i fixed this ?

The path of the images are build like this:


Can you capture a log of the ticker loading in the Layout Designer so we can see what is occurring?

Here is the result of the fault report:

This is your template:

<p style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-size: 48px;">[Afbeelding|33]<br />
<span style="font-size: 26px;">[Naam|32]</span></p>

You don’t enclose your image in anything, so at present it will just output the URL of the cached image. You’d need to have it in image tags, or whatever else you wanted to do with it, like:

<p style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-size: 48px;"><img src="[Afbeelding|33]" /><br />
<span style="font-size: 26px;">[Naam|32]</span></p>

I’ve made an assumption here that Afbeelding is the image column :smile:

Hi Dan,

I used a dataset with 2 colums.

Column 1 = Naam
Column 2 = Afbeelding (Picture in english) with the link to the image:

Link: http://s2780p/xibo/images/name of the picture.jpg

Example Dataset

I used the Available Substitutions:

Did you wrap your [Afbeelding|33] value in an img tag as Dan suggested? If so, please post a screenshot of the dataset view editor in source view.

This is the code i used:

The data from the Dataset:

The Dataset:

But this isn’t show the image

And you’ve checked that URL loads from the computer running the player?

The URL is a server where our webserver is running from. The server is in the same network as the client.

If i put the url in IE on the client it shows perfectly.

Actually those images are downloaded a cached in the CMS. So your web server must be able to download those images using cURL - it will be downloading them to itself, but only in a temporary cache.

Can you get us a log from when your layout designer is loading that layout?

Hi Dan,

Here by the file you asked for:

Well, unfortunately I don’t see any error messages in there…

"2015-04-01 09:54:07","Media","addModuleFileFromUrl","Adding: http://s2780p/Xibo/images/Johan.jpg with Name: ticker_dataset_5a32d8b8a27c80f596df668c806e52c3. Expiry: 2015-04-01 10:04:07"
"2015-04-01 09:54:07","Media","addModuleFileFromUrl","Adding: http://s2780p/Xibo/images/Ruben.jpg with Name: ticker_dataset_f72b13d6f95401766d8a62f278144441. Expiry: 2015-04-01 10:04:07"
"2015-04-01 09:54:07","Media","addModuleFileFromUrl","Adding: http://s2780p/Xibo/images/Rolf%20S.jpg with Name: ticker_dataset_bfb7e1f5307518ba8a69c72254714e4e. Expiry: 2015-04-01 10:04:07"
"2015-04-01 09:54:07","Media","addModuleFileFromUrl","Adding: http://s2780p/Xibo/images/Tineke.jpg with Name: ticker_dataset_bbd1717b70f04a5ba6c0da754ea93d25. Expiry: 2015-04-01 10:04:07"

I am guessing these are your images?

Can you see if they end up in the CMS library? They may have slightly different names as the cache will be updated frequently, but i’m sure you get the idea.

Hi Jopper,

Did you find out how to solve the issue? I’m facing exactly the same problem…

i still dont have a solution

You never responded to Dan’s last question. Without knowing that we can’t take things further.

To say you never got a solution when you didn’t work through the troubleshooting is a little unfair don’t you think?


I’m want to use the ticker with a dataset to show our office buildings. Only the pictures in the ticker doesn’t show.

If i fill in the address:


It perfectly shows the image. I’ll hope you can help me with this.

If i put in the code <img src="[Afbeelding|3]" /> and i want to preview it i see a broken picture. But if i put in the whole address through the code section i perfectly shows the picture.

To pull custom tags out of the feed you need to refer to this FAQ. Where you have Afbeelding would be the namespace and where you have the 3 would be the tag name. So it would appear the tag you’re using is wrong and that’s why it’s not working as you expect:

Hi Alex,

If i check the database “datasetdata” in phpMyAdmin i see "DataSetColumnID and the column “Afbeelding” has tagname 3 so i think this is correct.

Right sorry we were talking at cross purposes. Your subject says RSS ticker so I assumed you were taking the source of the ticker from a feed not a dataset.

In that case, if you just put [Afbeelding|3] in on it’s own as text, you’ll be able to see what is being subsitututed. Is it the correct URL? If so, is the server able to access that URL using Curl?