Ticker with Dataset - SQL Error

When trying to use a Ticker with a dataset I get the following in the error log:

It looks as though the code is trying to query the database, based on the column heading.

May be related to: Images don’t show dataset and rss ticker

No takers? Same dataset works just fine when using just dataset.

It really needs @Dan to have a look but he’s extremely busy at the moment. I’m sure he’ll swing by when he has a chance.

That probably indicates a problem with the SQL that has been generated from your dataset configuration (what that might be I am not sure)

We will need to get a full audit log to see what SQL is actually running

Problem was in the user?

I was wanting to display an image, so I had set the data type to image. In the actual data, I had complete URLs. I changed the data type to string and the errors stopped.

So now I am wondering what image does.

Image downloads a cache of the URL so that it is transferred to the player for local playback… using the strings will mean the player hits the external URL’s directly.

The logs will tell us why the image column didn’t work - some inconsistency in the way the SQL is built no doubt.

Ok, not sure why. But error is gone. The only thing I did different was run the maintenance script manually, which was not working automatically.

I don’t think the maintenance script would have done anything - other that clear out old cached files (I don’t think this would have helped).

If the problem comes back we can take a look at the logs.