How to work in multi-display?

Hi guys,

Does anybody know a software that take multiple displays and present them as a single logical GPU.

For example lets say I have a graphics cards with 2 video outputs. From the display settings of windows, I can see two monitors and rearrange their order. I want to set these displays as a single, lets say wider screen to run Xibo on it.
When I open Xibo, it should maximize in both of my monitorsi not just one.

I don’t want to use NVS510 or something like that. I’m looking for a software solution.

Can anybody help?

So you have two monitors running as a one expanded display (that can be set in Windows)
Next you will want 2 Xibo clients -
With unique display id - set in options advanced tab (so they appear as a separate records in CMS)

Next in CMS, you will want to create new display profile and set the dimensions + left offset and assign that display profile to one of your clients.

Done, you have 2 separate clients, one for each monitor.

Hi Peter,

Can I run a full screen content with two seperate players?
Lets say I want to run a 3840x1080 video on a 2x1 videowall,
Or Lets say I want to run a 3840x2160 video on a 2x2 videowall as fullscreen?
Is it possible?

I thought of somehow combining multiple displays and set it as a single display. Then split the screens on the layout of Xibo if needed.


Oh I see, sorry I thought you want them as separate displays.

If you want one display with higher resolution, then well it depends on your GPU if it can handle it, then it should be fine.
In this case you will want to configure Xibo display profile with the right dimensions (without offset) since you have one screen (as far as Windows is concerned).

Have a look at this topic - Video Wall support

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the link didnt quite help.

I was wondering to have a solution to set my multiple-display view on my windows to be converted to a single-display view.
Lets say windows can see my 2 displays as 1920x1080 each and side by side. However I want windows to see 1 Display as 3840x1080.

I know I can do this using NVS510 via its Mosaic property but I need to be able to solve the same issue with a simpler graphics card and a software that can do what I mean above. As Alex told in the link you sent, Xibo can only handle a single display with any resolution. Thats how I want to achieve managing a videowall.

Thank you!

Trying going to “Display settings” in your CMS and add a new display profile, after you have created it, click the down arrow and then “Edit”. Go to the tab “Location” and write in your resolution (3840x1080) and click save.

Then go to the “Displays” page, and click “Edit” on the client with the two monitors connected. Go to the tab “Advanced” and choose the display profile you created previously.

Then just restart the client and see if that solved your problem :smile:



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You just tell windows to extend the desktop using Display Properties. No complex software required.

@Joakim_Refsdahl Thank you! That worked ! :grin:

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