Multiscreen setup

Dear xibo support,
my setup is:
12 monitors in one row on hockey stadium

I need to public simple rolling text arround the all displays.
At this time i have all displays connected and working with xibo adroid boxes, communication working fine.
My problem is with use of whole setup as one display area.
I have configured
Resolution - 15360x720 (its area of this displays 12x1280, the displays max resol is 702p)
Created layout for this resolution

All 12 displays have in same display group
Stadion-01-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-02-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-03-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-04-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-05-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-06-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-07-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-08-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-09-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-10-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-11-Android android 1.7 60
Stadion-12-Android android 1.7 60

Next im trying to “Schedule Now” with created layout and target of created 12 display group, and still the picture is small text with 15360 sized to 1280 indidualy displayed.
I’m doing something wrong?
CMS Version 1.7.6
Latest Android clients in 14 days trial mode

Display Groups are there to send the same scheduled content to multiple displays. They aren’t a tool to group multiple screens together in to a video wall I’m afraid.

Xibo for Android doesn’t support building video walls from multiple separate Android devices. It controls a single screen with content for that individual screen.

Hi Joe,

If you can connect all 12 screens to a single player, it will work. You can either connect 12 displays by using litters and tiling or you can purchase 3x NVS510 and connect each directly to the pc and make a mosaic on the nvidia sw.

Then you can assign that player with the suitable resolutiın and design a layout accordingly.

Maybe my recent issue may help you. It’s for windows but you may relate the CMS and the configuration I suppose.

Ok ill try

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