Video Wall support

If you want to do with mini pc, you need a TV with video wall function. They are professional models ready to 24x7, and use a link between them. It is set on the screen, and given the signal to the TV first only.

If not, an external card Matrox TripleHead type, with outputs that you need for your videowall.

how can i use multiple displays and form them into a video wall? Is there any setup in xibo to do that? How did u manage to do with multiple LCD/LED displays? Please help with step by step procedure. Thanks…

If you want a 4x4 video wall display solution then ideally you can do it with any Asus / Gigabyte motherboard with Intel 87 or 97 chipset / Intel Core i3 Processor (4th Generation) 16 GB Memory / 180 GB SSD - preferably Intel Brand / Matrox C420 Graphics card which has 4 x display ports output (you can use any displayport to HDMI Converter) , Corsair 450 Watts Power supply and a decent Tower Casing. That’s it. Nothing else. Just setup the windows O/S and install the Matrox Software (which you will have to download after registering your card ) and here you go …your 2 x 2 video wall is ready.
If there is any problem, you can ask me.

Can this video wall work with 1x4?

With Windows Player, Xibo will run on anything you can span a single Windows desktop over.

So if with the hardware you have, you can create a single Windows desktop that spans 4 screens in one line then you can configure Xibo to run on that shape screen too. It all depends on the hardware.

Keep in mind if you’re going to be running that many screens at 1080p from a single graphics card, you’ll need lots of video memory on the card too.

1x4 video wall screen resolution design 1x1080, 4x1920 been set so as to 1080x7680?
Is he just will not Xibo error?

As I said before if your graphics hardware is capable of dealing with a single windows desktop of that resolution then you can configure the Xibo player to fill that screen size.

My player is currently running on a 3x3 video wall, made up of 9 LG Screens

Player spec;
3x GTX970 GFX cards
32GB Ram
Intel i7 CPU

9 Independent screens setup as extended desktop with the player resized to 5760x3240
Layout set with 9 regions for independent screen control + one global region for full wall display mode

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Looking at the post above you are able to set an extended desktop of 5760x3240 in windows display controls?
I thought this was only possible using Nvidia Quadro Mosaic?

Looking at the picture you can show full screen content, then are you able to play 9 individual videos at 1080p on each screen?
Can this be configured as a playlist to swap between the two configurations in an automatically?


This was a FULL sized image (5760x3240) It looked fantastic!
I’ve also got an image of the screens being used as 9 separate regions displaying a mix of 1080p movies and image (Upload next)

If you setup two layers you can switch between the two.


Odd resolutions due to using windows sample pictures! However, everything that fills the screen is a full 1080x1920p video

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Wow! That’s impressive. I’m going to need to setup something similar in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for the post.

I’d like to make a 2x2 videowall using 40" TV Samsung UE 40F6400
and Intel NUC PC.
Can I use Xibo and only one PC to get a videowall functionality, or should I use a 4x mini PC (one for each monitor/TV)?

Thanks and regards!

You definitely can’t use 4 mini PCs. You need all 4 screens connected to a single PC - so if your NUC has 4 graphics outputs then it should be possible. If not, you’ll need to use a matrix scaler to take a single 1080p output from your NUC and scale it over the 4 TVs.

I have my PC setup with multiple graphics cards and Windows extended desktop setup in a video wall configuration.
Problem I’m finding is when the content launches it only appears on one of the screens even when I have set my resolution to what would be the native size of the whole wall.
How do I get the content to stretch over the whole wall?


My best guess would be that you have not setup a Design Resolution in the CMS. If you have not done that then I would start there. Followed by creating a layout using the Design Resolution you create.


I have a Windows with 3 screens (1280x720) which makes à total screen of 3840x720.
On this machine I have à player with a profile, and it works, I can display à vidéo on the 3 screens.
Is there a limit in displaying videos with high resolutions ? Will XIBO be able to display à vidéo with a resolution of 3840x720 or will it be wisely to reduce this video to 2560x480 or 1280x240 ?

I also use this this player with another layout, with 3 areas, to display 3 videos on the 3 screens.
Will XIBO display 3 videos with a resolution of 1920x1080 ?
At the end of of 1 of the 3 playlists “his” screen will turn black while waiting for the end of the other playlists. How to avoid black screens at the end of a playlist while waiting for the other ones ?


Will I be able to set this up using something like this: 3X3 Multi-Format Video Wall Processor
SMARTAVI - Model: EZW3X3-S? Where I can change each one of the 9 screens (zones) individually, and if so, can they be scheduled to change at certain intervals?

The processor was will scale a 1080p / 4K etc image. This is not the correct method you need