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IM struggling to get my recurring schedules to work, below is how they are set up

with the recurring

Im trying to get the “change 1” layout to reaper every 10 mins but nothing happens (except the schedule showing its been planned but the display doesnt change)

What is the duration of the default layout and/or whatever else you have scheduled?

What will happen, assuming nothing else is scheduled is that at 15:55 say, the default layout will be running.

Come 16:00, Change1 is now a valid layout but if the default is still running (because lets say you’ve got a longest running duration on the default layout of 60 minutes) then nothing on the screen will change. Then come 16:03, Change1 stops being valid and the default layout continues to run.

So your options are either

Keep your other layouts/default layout durations shorter. Or use the Prority flag. That will force the layout on to the screen at 16:00.

However, you almost never actually want a recurring schedule as you’ve designed above.

If you want the layout Change1 to show once every 10 minutes, and another layout (say Change2) to show the rest of the time, then simply design Change1 and Change2 to have a total duration of 10 minutes (ie Change 1 has a duration of 3 minutes and Change2 has a duration of 7 minutes, totalling 10 minutes) and then schedule them both at the same time (ie both starting at 16:00 today and finishing at 16:55 on the 25th per your example, no repeats required). The player will then just show them in fair rotation.

You should take a look at the FAQ article on this too:

Fantastic support and Guidance as always.



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