Disappearing Elements Every Rotation

I have a video and a still image that play, looping every 30 seconds. Inside my presentation screen. After the last item plays, the video element disappears completely revealing the background, along with the weather, and a web element. They are all gone for about 1.5 seconds and then re-appear. Needless to say, this makes the signage look incredibly unprofessional. Really unusable in any sort of professional setting. I am using the Windows client, which, according to what I’ve been reading, seems to be very, very far behind the android client in terms of features and usability. However, because I’m in a corporate setting with security and an IT department, I naturally can’t just stick an android device on our network. As much as I’d like to, my IT folks take security seriously, so that’s obviously a non-starter.
So, I guess I’m curious what my options are. The disappearance of elements are also a non-starter. Everyone walking in our hall would think me an incompetent hack if those happen regularly.
What can I do? Is there any way to eliminate the crazy temporarily disappearing elements in the Windows client? Or will I be forced to abandon Xibo entirely? I’d hate to think this has all been a waste of time.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Could you please tell me what Xibo version are you using please?

Quick flash when the layout reloads (when the region with the longest duration ends), will always occur, although it certainly should not take even a full second not to mention more than that.

You can also make sure that background image (if exists) is in .jpg format, the background colour should most likely be black (preference).

Perhaps also double check that you have IE installed there with correct entries for browser emulation and you can also try GPU_RENDERING registry entry.

Xibo for Android certainly allows for more in many aspects, perhaps you could convince your company/it team to do so testing with android clients? Just in case, here are our recommended devices - Recommended Android Hardware

It’s also possible to use on-premise (offline) licencing module for Xibo for Android to licence your android devices in case when the internet access would not be allowed at all on the device.

I’m using the current version. Just downloaded last week.
I appreciate the response, but if there is always going to be some sort of reloading flash (even a very brief one), then this software is clearly not for me. I’m in an office/business environment and that will not fly at all. I need to find something that has a bit more polish I guess. These flashes are a massive, huge, earth-moving deal to anyone in a pro environment, and it probably needs to be eliminated entirely if you want a large user-base. I think it will really hold you back.