Command not supported

Can you make a proper video tutorial for how to use command list for restart an shutdwon Player

Thank you for this.

There’s screenshots for a Windows Player in a thread from yesterday:

Sir can you tell me if I only restart player then same command can do.
And one more thing when I am putting this value then show a error msg. Like don’t put space only 1 to 50 charrecter like that.

One more point transaction effect not showing.

The command code must be a single word. In my example images I linked to, they are just “shutdown” and “reboot”. These are different from the actual commands to be run on the device - they are just a reference.

Please be sure to copy those two images exactly.

Transitions are not supported on the Windows Player. Only on Android and webOS Players.

Sir, We are Deltawide Infomedia Pvt Ltd. From India. Just We are starting Manufacturing many type of Digital Signage Player And We are using two type of Hardware for that one is Raspberry Pi3 and Other is Ausu Thinker Board for Android Version. This is Rooted and Android Version is 6.0.1. But Last 6 month We are doing RND with your Xibo Product . But still now we have more confusion about your product Because of that You dont have any live chat for communication with your company.

From the Last few days we are trying to do use command tool for monitoring Client Display Like Shutdown, Restart, Monitor But We cant do that And we want to purchased your Android APK for our Manufacturing Device, But We are Afraid we cant use your application successfully. So Please Kindly help us how to use your apk Properly and do future business with you.

We are using Hosting server for Trial. We dont have Dedicated Server right now.

So Can you trained us how to use your application then we can do future business with your company.

If you’ve purchased a Xibo for Android licence, and are having issues with Xibo for Android, then you should direct your question to the commercial service desk where we can access your CMS instance and see what the issue is.

You can send an email to for questions about Xibo for Android.

With regard to the hardware, neither device is on our recommended hardware list, and we specifically say that the RPi 3 is NOT suitable for use with Xibo, so it may be that you need to reevaluate your hardware choices somewhat.

Sir we will purchase. if we satisfied your software. So all of your feature we want to see before purchased. So can you help us.

I’m very happy to help you, but you need to tell me exactly what the problem is, what you’ve tried, and exactly how you have things configured please.

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We are using server

and see my android screen shot.

Just We want to use to send command. (Reboot and Restart).

Otherwise all issues are solved

Can you check it Sir

My English is very poor.

Please keep in mind this is a public forum. Please don’t post credentials here.

You have several issues. Firstly you have “web” in the URL you’re using to access the CMS. That means that the CMS is incorrectly installed. You need to resolve that.

I believe you’re using shared hosting. That isn’t suitable for Xibo. It may therefore be that you can’t correct those issues.

Next your XMR address looks suspicious. I’d expect XMR to be running on the same server as your webserver. Without XMR working properly, you can’t use commands, which is why it isn’t working.

I believe your issue will be solved if you use a suitable server, properly configured.

None of these issues are related to Xibo for Android.

Last day I gave you a wrong web address to check it. For that i am very sorry. Sir Please help us.

Our own server is

And We also create a demo server from your server

We create a demo server from your site for testing.

But both are server not working Command line. This is our main issue. If our issue solved then we can start our business. But Last 6 month we cant do that only for this issue.

So please help me how to send command .

I already saw many type of your documentation and forum answer but i cant understand that. So if you help me then we can start our business in Indian Market. Because We are new commer in this field. And after succes xibo issue we will purchase Dedicated Server for VPS.

You have no commands defined in your demo CMS, so you won’t be able to send any commands unless you’ve set them up!

On your own CMS, you still have web in the URL you use to access it. is just a redirect to where you have web in the URL.

This is incorrectly installed, and the server you’re using isn’t suitable.

I will setup an example command in your demo CMS to prove that it works to you, but your own CMS will never work the way you have it setup. The commands I will setup (reboot, shutdown) should work on Windows Players, and most Android Players, assuming your Android device is rooted.

yes our android is rooted. Or Can you make a TUTORIAL VIDEO for how to install xmr

No I can’t. It’s covered in the manual, and even if I did, on a shared hosting environment, you won’t be able to run it, which is why you need a suitable server to start with. Shared hosting is NOT suitable.

So Only need VPS or Dedicated Server only?

A VPS or dedicated server should work. If it’s a VPS, it needs to be KVM or Xen based, and capable of running Docker.

We recommend a couple of providers here:

ok so can i check for trial on your server on

Yes you can use the trial CMS to see that commands do work.

However, as you’re using Android, I’ve gone for a command that should work on most devices. If it doesn’t you’ll need to speak to the device manufacturer and find out what the correct command to run on their devices is, and run that instead in the command definition for Android.