Change logo xibo

I wanted to check if you can change the logo at the beginning, which is when you enter with the user and password and then the logo on the top left.


I am interested in this topic too, are you talking about re-branding the Xibo system?

Yes you can. We offer a theme building service that does this. Alternatively, the manual details how to build your own theme. Do not directly modify the CMS files, as this will cause you issues at upgrade time.

I see you’ve removed the Source/About links. Please be aware that these are a requirement under the AGPLv3 licence, unless you’ve made alternative provision to meet the licence terms by other means. Removing those could mean you are breaking the licence terms and therefore your use of the software is prohibited by law in that scenario.

Hi! Alex.
How can i found theme building service? Do we have a link, document or video?
Nowadays i am try to using v 1.8.2.

You can purchase this here:

Full documentation for it is here:

Thank you for your message. I check the page. Prices is 210 Dollar + tax. Now i am happy. :slight_smile:

Without elimination, are two different photos, a main screen when you start xibo and another when you are inside, I followed what it says to change the logo, but there is no case, it does not take the subject that I created, I created it in C: \ Users \ web \ theme \ custom \ mytheme. Do I have to load it in another way? Do I have a problem that uploads me in CMS Theme? It’s just changing the logo.

You should be able to find those information here -

Logo on the login page and then in the CMS is the same source file.


I followed the instructions but when I’m going to choose to select the TOPIC of the CMS does not appear the one that you think, is that subtle or otherwise?

Peter / Alex

I found where to put the subject but in doing so I get the following error Fatal error: I’m sorry, this should not happen. The topic “views” does not exist

It’s hard to say as I have no idea what and where did you change in the code.

At a guess the path in config in your custom theme is incorrect perhaps?

It would be easier to tell if I’d see what changes you’ve made.


I could solve the error problem, but now when I choose the theme that I think only changed the logo, I still see the one of xibo. I the only steps that I kept changing the xibo logo.

I need to change something else so that it appears? Do not modify anything in the CMS, it’s all the default installation, it’s just to change the logo

If you’ve changed the logo in code and resources ie so your custom theme points to the new logo file as in the manual pages about it.

Then when you change the theme I’d expect that it should show it, perhaps that’s just a browser cache? Did you try to clear it?


I could do it, I just need to copy the files .twig on views, thank you very much.



I have one more drawback, when I upload my logo, I place myself above the xibo logo, what can that be?

The drawback was that I was creating another folder within custom, when I should place everything inside that folder without creating a sub folder

Ty! Problem Solved


I’m glad to hear it.

I just read the documentation and noticed that Xibo provides White Labelling service to purchase.

Is that mean Xibo allows us to do White Labelling ourselves with Open Source License, for example modifying the CMS files?

Yes you may modify the CMS files, but we suggest you don’t and instead create a theme, either yourself, or via the service, so that you have an easier upgrade route later on.

The CMS is released to you under AGPLv3 licence. Please read and understand it before doing anything else.

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Thanks for detail explanation, I read a little bit about AGPLv3 license. But I am still confused that whether I am eligible to replace the original logo and name if only for our company internal use with Source/About link.

Also, I also have another question about how to access the CMS files inside Docker. I want to customize the CMS to meet our company’s requirement. I see Xibo is recommended to be installed with Docker and I am a newbie to Docker. I have google many times but still not understanding how to access. I only tried to make an image of Xibo docker but it seems not for modification as it is outside from the Docker. If I want to modify the code inside regardless of system upgrade, should I push the image in & out if I made changes or any other methods?

Thanks for your help :grin: