API Call through Postman

I am using the xibo 1.8.1 version and trying to call API through postman. I am following the instructions mentioned in the below link

My First API call is Access Token. I should receive the access token however i am receiving the below error. kindly suggest.

Are the {{url}}, {{clientId}} and {{clientSecret}} correctly defined in the environment settings in Postman?

yes, we have correctly configured these in the environment

Do you have the URL with trailing slash perhaps?

404 likes that means that the call itself isn’t correct, if there would be a problem with clientId, clientSecret, grant_type or permissions then the error would be different.

No, URL does not have trailing slash. Are there any specific steps to be followed while installing CMS 1.8.1 to call the API?

I don’t think so, some calls will require working XMR, but access_token should work without it.

Is your CMS installed in docker environment or other?
Are there any errors | (!) on the logs page | Report fault page?

Anything in your server configuration that could block Postman from accessing the CMS?

No, CMS is not installed in docker environment. Kindly confirm if docker environment is required to call API.

On Report Fault page, we are status “!” for ZeroMQ. Is it denote the error in ZeroMQ configuration. Below is the screenshot

On Log Page, We are getting below error and nothing is displayed in the grid.

Docker is not required to use API.

ZeroMQ and then XMR could be helpful, so you will want to install and configure it sooner or later.

Do you have /web in your CMS url that you use?

Please do have a look here for DocumentRoot setting and other relevant to your environment here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment.html

We are validating our configuration/environment & get back to you.

We have checked our environment and its looking fine. I am sharing the folder structure of our CMS and its binding.

Note: We are using IIS server.

Kindly check and confirm if we are missing something over here.

We are getting the below error message once we have clicked on layout pages. We have created a layout but it does not displayed in the list. However that entry exists in the database table.

Kindly suggest…

Could you look here (Max Query String) http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment_windows_iis.html#max_query_string

and perhaps also here (notes for IIS) - http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment.html#url_rewriting

it looks to me like it’s either one of those (or both of them) that causing your issues.

thanks for your response. Below error has been resolved through setting up the Max Query String.

However i was still not able to call the api through the postman. We are using Windows IIS Server 2008 R2, Php Version php5.5.12. We have shared the folder structure of our CMS and its binding.

please let us know if we have configured it correctly. Kindly suggest if we can use any Get Call to check whether our request is reaching to the server or anything else to diagnose the issue.

If Postman still shows 404 on access_token call, then it’s most likely due to missing url rewrite rules (second link in my previous post)

Could you please make sure that it’s correctly set?

Yes, We have not used the URL rewrite rules in web.config. I have added the code in my web.config. Now our CMS is not working on opening the CMS it is showing the 500 - Internal server error.

Apart from adding the URL rewrite rules in web.config, kindly suggest if i am supposed to do something else also.

i think we have not installed the IIS module for URL rewrite. We are checking it.

We have installed the IIS module for URL rewrite. Now we are able to call the API through the Postman.

Thanks for your great support…

I’m glad to hear that, sorry that it took some time to find out what was missing, but with custom/manual installations and various server environments, as you see, there are couple of settings that might cause problems and it’s not always obvious where is the problem.

In any case I believe your installation should work fine now, it would be good to install and configure zeroMQ/XMR (if you haven’t already) as well, to fully utilise 1.8 features.

We have configured the ZeroMQ on our IIS Server. However On Report Fault page, we are still getting status “!” for ZeroMQ.

To Configure the ZeroMQ, We have followed the instruction mentioned in the below post.

I assume that you’ve followed the Windows instructions from http://zeromq.org/bindings:php ?

ie downloaded this and put in the appropriate folders (php directory and php extension directory), added the line to the php.ini and restarted your webserver?