Alerting on screens down

Hello, where can i find the information(settings) for gettin an alert when one of our screens is more than 2 hours offline?

You will need to set up maintenance email alerts, there is a section dedicated to that here:

1.8 - Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide
1.7 - Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide - 1.7 Series

email alerts / recovery emails are sent on transition between logged in / out status of the display during maintenance run (every 5 min by default) according to either global timeout or collection interval depending how did you configure that for a display.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the information.
We have set a collect interval on each android player of 30 minutes. (Profile Android/ General)
In Administration/Settings/Maintenance we’ve set the Max Display Timeout to 720 min.

We still receiev a bunch of emails during the day (it seems to be an interval of 30 minutes that some displays are alerting on “last seen” en “back online”)

I would expect the CMS checks every 720 minutes the player and then decides if to send an email… what could be wromng, which setting do we have to check?

Another strange thing:
There is an REGISTER@…-mailadress used for registering our Android licences etc.
For alerting we filled in an emailadress starting wiyth ALERT@…

Now we get the alerts send to both emailboxes. The only location where we filled in the REGISTER@… mailaddress is Display Profile / Edit Profile / Emailadress -
Why is the system using the REGISTER@… for the alert mails?

Your help is appreciated!

Have you had a chance to read the topics I’ve mentioned?

When you edit display → maintenance tab

you can check the ‘Use the Global Timeout?’ in which case it will then test against that time set in CMS settings with that option disabled it will check against player collection interval.

I assume you’re using 1.8 series CMS? Which version exactly please?

Is that licence pool email address set as email address for one of the users in your CMS?
If so, is that user set to receive system notifications?

Thanks Peter, we have 1.8.4 installed.
The problem has been solved with Globel TImeout for every screen set!

The same for the emailaddress : There was a user receiving system alerts.
Great job!

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