1.8 in Docker with Reverse SSL Proxy

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There are two threads speaking to getting 1.8 running on something other than port 80, and then using a reverse proxy to run in SSL:

And the documentation does a classic poor geek wave of the hand documentation that any clown should be able to throw up an ngnix reverse proxy container. However I think it’s clear that the two threads above there is not enough information to be clear on what to do, and when you actually follow the link to the automate ngnix reverse proxy for docker, it gets terribly complex and you are redirected to the github, specifically the SSL Support section section. I see promisingly there is even support for Letsencrypt.

I’m wondering if someone much smarter than I could post a step by step for setting up SSL reverse proxy using Letsencrypt.

If I’m reading it properly, in the end to accomplish this you will have to have a container for Xibo, a container for ngnix, and a container for strapping on SSL to ngnix.The Xibo documentation that states “there are many good resources for achieving this architecture” is clearly targeted at someone with more experience than I. :slight_smile:

I had previously run Xibo on Ubuntu/Apache/MySQL with Letsencrypt. I found that very easy to install, but I also see the potential benefits of docker. Help me/the community out here with a docker for dummies version of the documentation.

Thanks very much in advance!

The documentation here is pretty good about how to achieve this:

The only change you would need to make to the existing docker-compose.yml file we provide is adding the appropriate environment variables (LETSENCRYPT_HOST, LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL, VIRTUAL_HOST) to the web container.

If I have some time I will at some point write a step by step guide, however as I’m sure you can see the volume of Community support posts we’re dealing with currently is much much higher than normal - as it always is following a major release.

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As requested:

Hopefully sufficiently “hand-waving” free for you :slight_smile:

If I can get this to work I commit to bringing back my step by step.

Oh wow, thank-you!

I’ll try in about an hour.