Setup for Nginx


I have tried to get Nginx running so that Xibo is redirected, but when I try to start Xibo docker, it can’t bind to 80 due to Nginx already running.

Is anyone able to provide more detailed instructions?

You’re running Xibo inside Docker?

If so, you need to follow the section of the manual that covers running Xibo on a custom port number, so that it’s running on say port 8080. Then port 80 is free for nginx to run on.

Wouldn’t all the new 1.8.0rs3 Xibo installs run inside Docker? So if you want to use SSL you have to always use a different port and then use something else to server port 80?


Our strong recommendation is to run 1.8.0 with Docker, but it is possible to run without.

If you’re going to front it with Nginx for SSL termination then you can either put it on a different port, and have nginx serve port 80 and 443, or you can have the Docker container on port 80, and nginx on 443 only.

You need it on both really to support redirecting to https

Ok, so the best setup would be to move Xibo to port 8080 (or other) and have Nginx cover both 80 and 443 and redirect traffic to 8080 inside the server.

I will do this and then post my steps here for anyone else that might need them.

Thank you for your time.


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The nginx reverse proxy container linked from the manual is probably the easiest way to do this, but you can of course run nginx in the host if you prefer.