Xibo Web Page having many errors

Hey together
I just logged in to the xibo account and noticed that when i go in ti the “Zeitplan” i thik its Kalendar in the up left corner then not a single screen is shown. Later i tried again an then the Wep page sais to me that there are no Layouts displaying on any screens.
An nother ishue im having ist that when i tried uploading a .MP4 file im always getting the error that the file couldnt be written on the disc.
Thank you an a happy pre xmas time
Aaron Anderson

Right, what CMS version are you using please?

On the Schedule page, there is this button to show events for certain/all displays:

You’d need to check your web server (filesystem permissions) and php settings, also have a look here How do I upload files bigger than 2MB / How can I increase the upload file size limit?

Im using the 1.7.8 and the problem is still there when i select a screen.

So if you select a screen on Schedule page, there is nothing there, no events scheduled?

Were there any events scheduled?
If yes, well schedule will not be wiped by itself, so it would seem something weird is going on with your CMS installation.

Perhaps you displays were only displaying the default layout assigned to them?

Yes even if selected. We called the places where the sreens are but they told us that everything is running fine. We will try to reinstall the CMS.

Its getting worse! We cant update the Screens and they are just displaying the old news and old Layouts. Some in the office think that its a bug that came with an update but why are we the only ones expierencing that.

It’s rather difficult for me to tell what could be wrong without any logs (from player and CMS), if you could please provide us with logs and status windows screenshots that could be helpful.

If you want commercial support then that is available, please email support@springsignage.com
Assuming you can get us a remote access to your CMS and web server then we can have a look at it for you on a paid basis.

I have no idea waht just happened but evrything ins fine now … im really confused … Still thank you for helping me and sorry that i wasted your time.
I wish you a blessed Christmal time and a happy new year.

Well, my glad to hear that, let’s hope it will stay that way now.

Merry Christmas and happy new year! :slight_smile: