XIBO & unwanted tweets

Hello all,

Xibo allows to display tweets. I need this function for a professional use. My problem is that I want to show only official tweets (not tweets from people which use the # symbol).

For example, in my case, I have displayed traffic jam information from an official twitter account, (I have put @TRAFidf in the “search” field) but some tweets such as “when do you plan to make an app for iphone?!!!” have been displayed.

It’s a shame, because I can’t fully trust what will be shown. Is there any method to show the traffic jam twitter account only (and not other people) ?

Thank you for your help

You should use the from:TRAFidf search term to show only tweets from that user.

Thank you Dan for your quick reply.
When I put from:TRAFidf it is displayed : There are no tweets to display
I have also tested with from:@TRAFidf without success.

Did I make something wrong ?

EDIT : I have changed from @TRAFidf to TRAFidf only, and it seems to work. Please, could you just confirm that what I did is OK ?

Thank you very much.

That’s what Dan said to use. You don’t need the @ symbol.

You can check the syntax yourself on the Twitter search page here:

Thank you very much Alex. I have succeed to put what you said you & Dan.

Now I have another issue (sorry for disturbing again) : the tweets display in the preview widows and when I click on “Preview layout”. However, the twitter region isn’t shown when I launch the client (the other regions are more or less launched).

For information, this happen with 2 windows containing :

  1. backroung image + 2 text area + 2 Websites regions + 1 twitter region : in this set-up, everything except the background image are not showned.
  2. Embedded website + 1 twitter region : in this set-up, the embedded area is shown only.

I didn’t have checked in another set up yet. Please, can you help me ? Thank you very much, once again.

Is the background image an .jpg image? (it should be on Windows client)

Are those regions overlapping? (it’s not supported on Windows client)

Other than all of that, you can press “i” on your keyboard when Xibo is running to bring up the status window - perhaps there will be some errors there that will explain this behaviour.

Yes the background was jpg.
But I have found, you were right : areas were overlapping ! So I have separated all areas and now everything works fine. Thank you so much for your kind help.

Hello nseu

Is your tweet show photoprofile or photo from original tweet. My region tweet didn’t show photoprofile and photo but show tweet, user and date. I’ve no idea to show photoprofile.

Thank you in advance.

Hi 1112,
Tweets are diplayed with photoprofile. To do so, you have to go on :
Edit timeline > Twitter Provider > Template and choose “Tweet with image Profile to the left” or “Tweet with image Profile to the right”.
Regarding the pictures in the tweet, I can’t show them, I can only show the text with the photoprofile.

I have a question : how did you succeed to put the date & time of the tweets ? I was looking for it for a long time. Thank you for your help.

‘Full twitter time line’ template has it.

or just add [Date] (and some css to make it look better)

Hi Peter, I have tested the [Date] option and it works !
That’s perfect, thank you so much.

Hi sir

I’m use “full twitter timeline” that mean it should show everything but photoprofile and photo didn’t show.
Do you see log error in this post Didn’t show some data Twitter API.

Thank you in advance.

Hi 1112, when go to log, I see no log at all (maybe I don’t have access to it).
I have tried also the “full twitter timeline” and I confirm that photoprofile and pictures are visible on my display.

I hope somebody can help you (Peter ?)

Thank you sir. :grin:

I’m a little confused to what the problem is now :smile:

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