Xibo shows black background after some hours


Xibo can works fine for hours, but suddenly it shows a black screen. I have to restart client, then it works again.

Any idea ?


What version are you runnning and on what OS?

Windows 7/Windows 7 embedded, version is 1.7.3

What’s shown on the Player information screen when the screen goes blank? Also note we don’t officially support Win 7 embedded.

Nothing is shown, Xibo is on but it shows a blank black screen.

You bring up the status screen by pressing i. It won’t show nothing, it will have logs and status messages.

Aha you mean that, now all the screen is working. I will do that next time when it happen.

So you pressed i and it came back to life?

Perhaps you have a screensaver enabled or Power Management set to turn the screen off after a period of time?

Didn`t pressed i, just closed Xibo then I restarted it again. Back to life!

Yes but we don’t know why it keeps going to a black screen? When it next happens, please press i which will bring up the Player’s information screen and will have logs to show what is happening.

There is the log.

So it’s telling you that there’s some content it can’t download from the CMS. I can’t see which because the window isn’t wide enough and all the ones in the top Required Files section are at 100% (so it’s not those).

But how do I troubleshoot this issue, where do I start? Log said nothing, only Error|xmds_GetResource|Unable to get Resource: Unable to get the media resource

Start by running the report fault wizard in the CMS and have the Player connect up and try and download that file