Xibo scheduling working on one display but not another

I have two displays in a display group. I have a default layout on all of them of a picture, and then there is content scheduled using the “always” option. One display loops through my layout (layout has multiple media items) and then plays again when finished. The other one does not. After about once or twice, it will just stop and revert to the default layout for pretty much the rest of the day, or at least several hours. Is this an issue with how I have it setup? Do I need to turn on repeats in the scheduled item for this group?

Thanks in advance!

If it’s scheduled with always, you do not need to set repeat on that event.

I assume those are two separate displays, both are similar and running the same Xibo player version?

Does the display that shows issues reports anything back to the CMS when that happens?
Either status window or CMS log should provide more insight about the problem.

Both separate displays, but similar boxes, both windows 7. I double checked my version. One is using the 1.8.2 version, and the other is 1.7.9. The one running the older version has no issues, while the one running the newer version has the issues. I see in the logs, “too many active processes” but thats all I can see for issues.


What CMS version are you using then?

In general it is recommended to use the CMS and players in the same series.

You might want to enable auditing on the display (Displays page -> Edit display -> Advanced tab), make it run for some time with it, then when the issue occurs again check the Log page for that display to see if there are any additional errors there.

You can also open windows task manager and make sure there is only only one Xibo player instance running on that PC when the issue occurs.

I updated both my displays to the newest version. Now they both experience this same issue around the same times. I have auditing turned on, but I am not sure what I’m looking for in there…

and what CMS version are you using? 1.8.3 same as the players?

If you open Windows task manager are there more than one Xibo player instance running?

Only one instance, but I did notice my CMS is 1.8.2, so I updated to 1.8.3, the client machines are both 1.8.3…I will see if this clears up the issues…Thanks!

Same issue still persists. If I go to “schedule now” and schedule my layout on the problem display specifically, it almost instantly starts playing it. Any more ideas on what could be causing this issue? Thanks!

I’d like to see screenshot of status window when the issue occurs (or logs from CMS if there are any errors logged).
Could you be good to check schedule.xml in the player local library to make sure it looks like you think it should.

When you use the schedule now for x amount of time, does it also stop playing this layout after few reloads?

The status window from the CMS? Is that the “manage” screen for a display?

Same behavior if I schedule for x amount of time or make it the default layout. XML appears to be fine, looks okay to me.

I did notice in the schedule it has a to and from date for the schedule amount. Should this be true even though its scheduled as always?

No, when you select Always in dayparting, then it should run well, always ie without specified end date.

Do you have any custom created dayparts in your CMS?

Also when you have the events scheduled with always, make sure player did connect to the CMS to update the schedule and then you can open schedule.xml in the player local library to see what the player thinks it should display and when.

Ive double checked my scheduling, and my dayparts. I have no custom dayparts. This layout I have has many media items, im not seeing all of them here in the schedule. Only two of them…

I’ve attached a copy of my schedule.xml to see if you can spot something I’ve missed.

What’s the “Send files in advance?” setting you have please?
It’s in CMS Settings -> General tab.

The dates for ‘always’ scheduled event seems correct

<schedule generated="2017-12-19 12:07:44" fitlerFrom="2017-12-19 12:00:00" fitlerTo="2017-12-21 12:00:00">
  <layout file="55" fromdt="1970-01-01 01:00:00" todt="2038-01-19 03:14:07" scheduleid="48" priority="0">

Are there more media files on the layoutId 21?

Looks like thats set to 900, and yes there are about 22 media files in the layout.

Yes, that would match your schedule.xml - it’s 15min, is there a good reason to have that so low?
Default value for it is 2 days.

That being said, if this layout has more files in it, then I’d expect them to be listed in the schedule.xml

If you schedule it with schedule now like you did before, does that then show complete list of dependencies?

I’ll try that and see what happens, what does this setting change? I didnt setup the cms in the beginning my predecessor did. Thanks!

It tells the player how far into the future should it look for the scheduled content.

In your case, player will know about events scheduled to it only 15 minutes in advance.

If you’d schedule something to start, let’s say an hour from now, your player would start downloading content for it 15min before that layout should start.

I upped the time to two days for send files in advance. I tried schedule now, and it seems that it is actually getting the full list of files from the schedule, but all I see on the display is it is still sitting at the default layout and not playing media.

This issue persists no matter what I do. I have gotten rid of all media items but two (for testing to try to resolve this) but every day I’m plagued by the defaultlayout showing instead of my scheduled media. :frowning:

Thanks in advance