Xibo Player, Status Sleeping after a whole and half media reproductions

Hi Everyone

I have a 1.7.8 version of CMS with 1.7.8 Xibo Players (Windows 10 Machines)
On the CMS i made a Layout with 4 videos
and a player show the layer once (all the 4 videos) without a problem, but on the seccond play only show the 3 first videos, when the thrid video ends the players stays on a eternal black.

i checked the logs on the player and his status is “sleeping”, if i close the player and opended again the player show the same issue again (show the all 4 videos, start over again and does not show the last video, keeping in black)

looking the forum for this case always ask the logs of the player and the layer config, so here is

Player Log:

Layer Config:

Thanks in advance for your answer

It would be good to confirm that is still an issue with 1.7.10 CMS and 1.7.9 player.

If you remove that 4th video, does the player play all 3 fine after reload?

How does the memory usage looks like? Could be good to open Windows Task Manager and monitor it while Xibo player is running please.

Hi, i just try updating the player to the latest and the issue are the same
the first video was removed, but now the black screen issue apears more lately, i can’t recognice how many loops need to arrive there but it does :stuck_out_tongue:

the memory usage it’s no more than 200mb of the player, and the whole use is arround 60% of 4gb

the the odd is i have 5 devices (intel NUC5cpyh) where 3 of them have the issue, and 2 plays the 3 videos in loop without any black screen

in this moment i create another layout without the last video and i assigned to the updated device

there is a new log, without the first video


and there a new log with the new layout without the first video and the fouth video


and there is the last layout without the first video and the fouth video


thanks in advance with your help

i am testing xibo 1.8.7 on docker…and xibo 1.7.10 on 2 seperate nginx servers on the same network…docker with 1.8.7: i have noticed a long delay when a player is assigned a new layout. doesn’t matter if the layout has only 3 images…meanwhile, in the display settings…i have set collect interval to 1 minute…at times the player will close itself and reopen to reflect the new layout.

using the 1.7.10 version does not act like that…every now changes made to cms takes effect immediately depending on collect interval…very smooth transactions between new layouts…responds to changes in the cms quickly…on the docker xibo 1.8.7, my player is stuck on xibo splash screen (logo) over 5 minutes now…i assigned a new layout to the player and since i started typing, it still on splash screen…i had this issue and i re-install my ubuntu and everything fresh …

what could be causing this lag? is this caused by XMR port?..i am using the right xibo player too…version 1.8.3

i see a great improvement of xibo 1.8.0 series…from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7 but still has few issues…i will wait for 1.8.8 version…until then, xibo 1.7.10 all the way

also the ticker is not able to pull images from some rss feeds but other rss feeds images appear text on left and article image on right…same link rss feeds work great in xibo 1.7.10…only thing that needs a make-up is the weather module shipped with 1.7.10…Good bless Alex, Peter and their hard working crew who has given us a chance to use XIBO for free!!. i will continue testing both versions

Please read the CMS post-installation guide. You very definitely don’t want 1 minute collections with 1.8 series. At a guess you haven’t configured the CMS settings for the XMR public port. Setting that will mean the Players get an instant notification when things change, and so you’ll see a much quicker update.


You say though you’re using Docker, but in your other thread you’re saying you aren’t, so I’m confused in that respect. If you are using Docker, all you need to do is set the XMR public port setting to tcp://yourcmsaddress:9505 where yourcmsaddress is the IP address or DNS name of your server.

If you’re not using Docker, then you also need to install, configured and run XMR and XTR otherwise you will experience these kinds of issues.

As a side note, please avoid hijacking other unrelated threads with issues. If you have a problem, please start your own thread.

my cms address for now is local i am a bit confused here uncle Alex…in the XMR box i put tcp:// at the cms settings area and i put the same in the display settings. i dont think i have it right because i dont see any change. do you have to enable the embedded web server port at the server side of on my play side? other than that, i see docker/xibo is running ok…i think i have not set something right, maybe

i will figure it out…i have the xibo 1.7.10 version in production on another sverver while i play with docker-compose on a guinea pig server. i created a .config.jason file using a text editor and saved it inside th vendor/bin area…config.jason contained my ip and xmr port info

Now, can i follow with my problem, or it’s better to create a new thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

my issue are still happening xD

If it’s working on some devices and not others, it’s unlikely to be Xibo itself.

Please check you’re up to date on Windows Update on all devices, and that you have the latest graphics drivers installed (directly from Intel, not from Windows Update).

Both of those can solve intermittent issues such as these.