Xibo on Windows XP

Hi guys,
is version 1.8 installable into the Windows XP?
if yes,
will it work?
Do i need anything specific?

I have couple of Windows XP machines where i need to install Xibo remotely.

Best regards

Well you’ve used the correct word there ‘installable’ which it might be, but since as far as I remember you can have IE11 on WinXP, that might cause various playback issues I’m afraid.

Actually, that would be true for 1.7 series, I believe that 1.8 series windows client use .NET 4.5 which unfortunately is not supported on XP as well.

With newer .net and IE versions not being supported in XP, I don’t think it will work very well (if at all) with 1.8 series Xibo.

WinXp at this point is really hard to support - when even Microsoft does not do that anymore.

Thanks Peter :smile:,
very much appreciated.
You are absolutely correct, Windows XP is history and has no longer any security :frowning: but it seems to be hard to explain it to the customers while they are trying to avoid paying for the license of new version.

This confirms that we cannot use 1.8 series in Windows XP without modifying the source code to work with older version of .NET. Downgrading to older version of .NET might not necessarily be a good idea.

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Yes, there was a discussion about it near the 1.8 rc2 release, 1.8 series client does use libraries from .net 4.5, it might not be possible to make it work with .net 4.0, not fully working for sure.

1.7.9 client should work on XP and it can be connected to the 1.8 CMS, obviously you will not have new features, XMR etc working on it, but if the OS upgrade is out of the question, then that might be a, at least temporary, solution.

you are positive about 1.7.9?
it will work with XP and also with CMS 1.8.1?

I could try this :slight_smile:

I don’t have a sensible way to test it now, as we do not have any XP running machines here, but as far as I know 1.7.9 should work on XP and should talk with 1.8 series CMS - the downside is of course lack of the new features and older IE version, which depending on the content may cause playback issues.

Thanks Peter,
if the content is images most of the time, i believe we should be okay.