Xibo 1.8rc2 player build with target .net 4.0 (for windows XP SP3)

Dear Sir,

Windows XP doesn’t support .NET 4.5.
.NET 4.0 is the only possible platform you can install.
Could you please build a Xibo client with .NET 4.0 target platform, so I can install it on Windows XP platform?

I have downloaded your source code of Xibo client 1.8rc2. Opened it in Visual Studio 2013. Set a target platform from .NET 4.5 to .NET 4.0. Executed a command in NuGet console to install all packages.
All necessary packages had had their libraries built for target .net 4.0 platform, EXCEPT EmbedIO.

I have a Samsung 460DXn tv with build-in microPC AMD Athlon PC (4Gb of HDD only) and Windows XP SP3. I installed internet explorer 8.0 and .NET 4.0. I can not install anything else on this TV, because of low HDD volume.
I also tried to use editbuild.exe in Visual studio to change Xibo executables, but had no luck yet.

Thank you

I’m afraid that the libraries we use require .net 4.5 so it won’t be possible to make the change you requested.

You will have to run 1.7 series CMS/Players if you can’t upgrade the OS on your device.

It is pity, but anyway thank you Alex.

Should I rebuild 1.7.9 player, or it is supposed to work under windows XP .NET 4.0?

1.7.9 should work on Windows XP as far as I’m aware. Some features may not work completely as Windows XP doesn’t get IE11 on which some of the newer modules rely. Basic functionality should work though.

Small report:
Xibo player 1.7.9 is built under .net 4.0. Works fine on windows XP embedded SP3. (Video, images and RSS news feed).
Xibo watchdog application was rebuild from .net 4.5 to .net 4.0. Looks like it works fine too .

I am happy.

The thread can be closed.

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