Xibo for Windows v2 R252

Xibo are pleased to announce Xibo for Windows v2 R252, including our newest player technology and feature upgrades over R202!
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Hi, there are an error in v2 R252 download link…It shows a GitHub 404 page error !!!

Thanks in advance!!!

You can download the release from


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Anybody having issues on Windows 10 with the configured second screen being black after the update? I can only hear the audio of the video. Same video played on the first screen with R252 is ok.
On R202 it was working fine.

One question on this: do I still need to use a workaround for the player crash issue present in R200?

I’m doing some test with the R252.

Everything goes great, just some one question so far:

R252, how it handles the alpha channel for transparent videos?


I also did some test with the R252, works very well.
Just a question, is it possible to disable the CEF browser cache ?

I did this with the IE browser because I need to refresh the website every time the page loads.


With a second display connected and the second client running?

In my case, with single client running on single display.

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Mute and show full screen in media configuration ( in playlist ) don’t work in the new player windows v2 r252

Hi, we tested the new V252 player. We found only one problem, local videos (as mp4) wont play. The area is just invisible and the background behind is visible. With the IE-based player the videos plays.

Embedded via “Local Video” widget, path in the format c:\video\video1.mp4

The log:

2020-03-25 13:12:42Region - Eval OptionsUnable to start new localvideo object: Die angegebene Datei konnte nicht gefunden werden.
2020-03-25 13:11:42Region - Eval OptionsUnable to start new localvideo object: Die angegebene Datei konnte nicht gefunden werden.

PS: The animations in the COVID-signage: https://content.seenspire.com/WMqs-RixS-RhS3
do not work too. With IE based player the animations work.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention Gustel.

I have replicated the issue and reported it to the developers for further investigation. Here is a link to the issue:

Regarding the COVID Signage, I am running this on my R252 Player at the moment without issue. You could create a new post on the Xibo Community forum showing what you are seeing with some information about the PC you are running it on (make and model of PC, Windows version):


Many Thanks.

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Thank you Daniel!
I created a new post: V2 252 - Animations don't work

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In my case, just one display

Happy and waiting the V2 R253 for production

Does anyone else have problems with the new Windows transitions on V2 R252?

The flying transition doesn’t work properly.

I tried sliding an image from right to left and then out in the same direction as a new image comes in. That didn’t work. However, sliding the image in from right to left and back out left to right worked. The effect in this case was very jarring as the image flew back the same way it came in as a new image is coming in from that same direction.

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I’ve reinstalled both clients XiboPlayer and XiboPlayerTwo
Still the same issue with the second display, the first one is showing the content, the second one the extension of the desktop. This is happening with the SecondScreen Profile I’ve set up this way:
Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Left Coordinate: 1920
Top Coordinate: 0

With the previous R202 version this was working and the Display settings have not been changed.
Just wanted to give you this update, in case this could be a bug.

Alleluïa !
I’m eager to test that :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
any news of the new release where the Interrupt layout scheduling works?


Yes, I am still having problems with windows transitions. The only one that actually does anything for me is fade in, that’s it.