V2 252 - Animations don't work


we found out, that animations (I think they are videos) from the COVID signage dont play with the new 252 version. With the 202 player, the animations work.

The machines are Win10 1909, recent updates. The CMS is 2.3.2
Please see videos (please ignore the low fps, this is due to the remote connection):

Version 202: The transitions from one post to the next post work, the animations work:

Version 252: The transitions from one post to the next post work (but not so good as with 202), the animations don’t work:

This happens on all posts with videos.

Thank you Gustel for posting about this. I have been testing with my R252 player and you are indeed correct that the videos are not playing. I also found that my R202 Player is playing those videos without issue.

I have informed the development team, in the meantime I would suggest using the R202 Player for displaying this webpage.

Many Thanks.

So this is the video codec problem we’ve seen with some other content (YouTube being an example). Longer term I am not sure what we will end up doing with this, but in the meantime you could try out using Embedded Content and an Iframe as a workaround?

For example:

<!-- BROWSER=edge -->
<iframe src="https://content.seenspire.com/WMqs-RixS-RhS3" width="1920" height="1080"></iframe>

This will force the Player to use Edge instead of Chrome for that Widget.


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